THRIFTLY.IO Enables API Access to Legacy Windows Apps

Mertech has announced THRIFTLY.IO, a solution that helps transform legacy apps for consumption in the API economy. Specifically designed for Windows developers using .NET and Java, THRIFTLY allows developers to transform functions and methods within apps into Web APIs. No additional code is needed for handling API protocols.

"Companies have invested billions of dollars in Windows-based software," Mertech CEO, Riaz Merchant, explained in a press release. "Organizations must find a way to maintain and support their Windows-based applications, while at the same time build newer applications and mobile apps to run on a Cloud infrastructure. APIs are a great way to address this challenge - THRIFTLY simplifies this process of building APIs by repurposing existing functional interfaces as Web APIs for private or public deployment."

Developers need only change their existing code in the interface layer. The existing business logic remains. With THRIFTLY handling the API build, companies can enjoy new access to their apps via a cloud or hybrid cloud setup. THRIFTLY starts with an API-centric approach to app transformation which is critical to the Digital Transformation that continues to eat into traditional businesses. The benefit of THRIFTLY squarely lies in removing the need to throw out legacy applications for newer apps that are better suited to the mobile and cloud-based world of today.

APIs generated with THRIFTLY support both SOAP and REST protocols. Such APIs support a JSON data format, and use HTTP and TCP transports. THRIFTLY's key to adoption is its flexibility, as the goal of the solution is to streamline the continued use of legacy applications in new access models. For a detailed list of capabilities, check out the THRIFTLY features site.

THRIFTLY isn't Mertech's first solution for creating API access to Windows apps. Evolution presented a similar value proposition. THRIFTLY is the next evolution of Mertech tools dedicated to SaaSifying legacy apps. THRIFTLY is currently in beta. Create an account to try it out.  

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