Tibco's Ajax Mashup Contest

No sooner did we outline ongoing mashup contests than Tibco launch their own contest, this one called the Ultimate Ajax Challenge. The competition is in support of their new PageBus product. We've now added this to our Contests page where there are 4 ongoing mashup contests.

PageBus Builds on the company's core strength in enterprise messaging with a product that's "a message bus implemented in JavaScript that enables disparate Ajax elements in a Web page to broadcast and listen for events and messages published on topic names." Their contest site includes a live mashup that demonstrates PageBus via a stock selector application.

Tibco has donated the core of PageBus to the OpenAjax Alliance. As they note: "You might consider the OpenAjax Hub as a leaner version of PageBus only in so far as Publish And Subscribe APIs go, but richer in relation to other Ajax Library interoperation infrastructure."

As we noted earlier this week the mashup tools market is quite competitive. Contests are another way to try and win the hearts and minds of developers. Our Contests page now shows there have been over 30 mashup contests in the past two years.

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