Tick Data Announces TickAPI

Tick Data, a historical intraday time series market data provider, has announced the TickAPI. Tick Data has long maintained a massive collection of historical data sets used by major players in the financial markets. Until the TickAPI, downloading and storing the data was left for Tick Data clients to wrestle with. The TickAPI eliminates this burden on users.


Tom Myers, Tick Data's senior VP of business development, explained:

Throughout its history, Tick Data has endeavored to remove the challenges of collecting, validating and maintaining archives of historical intraday data faced by the financial community. … TickAPI addresses the one remaining burden we had still left to our clients: storage of the data.

The TickAPI grants users programmatic access to TickWrite, Tick Data’s popular data management tool. Instead of downloading massive volumes of historical data, users can access targeted data from Tick Data’s entire Library. The library includes intraday equity, futures, forex, cash index and index data. Users can integrate the data into existing workflows, tools and third-party apps. Myers expanded:

We designed TickAPI to be powerful enough for the most sophisticated team of quantitative analysts working at a bank, hedge fund, mutual fund or CTA, while remaining simple and cost-effective enough to be used by smaller shops. … In fact, given the variety of API-based hosting and data delivery choices we currently have and will have by the end of the year, we expect the majority of our clients to be users of at least one API delivery method in 2015.

Tick Data was the first commercial provider of historical intraday market data. This year, Tick Data celebrates its 30th birthday and continues to show its ability to innovate and meet the needs of the financial community. To learn more visit, Tick Data’s feature site.

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