Ticketbud API Now Available in Beta

Ticketbud, online ticket sales Platform, is now beta testing the first Ticketbud API. Ticketbud allows users to create and manage ticket sales for any event. Although the platform allows event creation, the API is read only for the beta period. Ticketbud simplifies event management into five easy to follow steps: 1) create event 2) add tickets 3) publish event 4) promote event 5) manage event entry. Although the API is not ready to incorporate all five steps, Ticketbud is headed in that direction.

Ticketbud was initially created in 2009 to assist a local charity in collecting funds from a fundraiser. As a result, Ticketbud founders were inflamed with a passion for delivering tools to anyone with a need to organize an event. From student organizations and reunions to camps and conferences, organizations of all sizes have now utilized the Ticketbud platform. The API strategy now being tested will extend its reach further by allowing Integration with third party tools.

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The Ticketbud API uses HTTP and returns calls in a JSON data format. Although the beta API remains read-only, Ticketbud anticipates adding methods such as event creation, ticket purchase, and more in the future. For more information, visit the API docs.

Ticket purchasing moved online years ago. However, event creation, management, and collection are not always available to startups and non-profits that need to run a lean operation. Ticketbud is a free online platform that looks to provide all organizations the power of an event management platform, regardless of budget and size. Although the API remains in beta, and early in its feature set, an API should help take Ticketbud to the next level.

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