Ticketmaster Releases First Public Facing APIs and SDKs

Ticketmaster has announced its first public facing APIs and SDKs. The offerings, available through a brand new developer portal, allow third party apps to integrate Ticketmaster's ticket discovery, purchasing, and management services directly into the app. Ticketmaster's North America President, Jared Smith, told the Verge that the company has spent the last few years updating the entire Platform to catch up with the constantly evolving tech environment, and a key component to the update was Integration with third party apps and services.

"We want to explore new partnerships with big brands and startups," Ismail El Shareef, Ticketmaster Vice President of Open Platform and Innovation, told the Verge during an interview. "Anyone out there who wants to build an innovative live event experience for fans, we are in the market to work with and help them success with using our data."

The Discovery API and the transactional API serve as the first two APIs Ticketmaster released. The Discovery API allows third party apps to include Ticketmaster events directly within the app. The transactional API allows users purchase tickets directly within third party apps, without leaving to buy through a Ticketmaster app or site. Additionally, SDKs for both iOS and Android enable ticket management. Ticket management allows users to transfer and sell tickets to other users.

Ticketmaster accounts are linked with third party apps during the first transaction which prevents required  Authentication each time a user wants to purchase or manage tickets through a specific third party app.The Discovery API allows users to look up and find events, attractions, venues and classifications of all Ticketmaster, Universe, and TicketWeb events. The Commerce API allows users to reserve/purchase tickets, and retrieve ticket information. To learn about the nuances of each Ticketmaster API, visit Ticketmaster's API explorer on GitHub. To get started, register for an API Key.

Ticketmaster has already hit the ground running with major integration partners (e.g. Fox Sports, Facebook, Tidal, Broadway.com, Bandsintown, etc.). Prior to launching APIs to the broader developer community, Ticketmaster integrated with a few select partners on a customized basis (e.g. Groupon, ScoreBig, etc.). However, these highly customized integrations were too cumbersome to scale to a broader community, and Ticketmaster completely rebuilt its API offering for the public release. The potential for integration with Ticketmaster crosses industries from sports and entertainment, to streaming and travel. Check out the docs to see where Ticketmaster might fit in your environment.

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