TidyClub API: Time To Clean Up Your Club's Administration Mess?

Clubs and committees can often achieve a lot, but at times, the lack of transparency regarding transactions and administrative loose ends can end up costing more,and ultimately slow down any kind of momentum. That's where a tool like TidyClub comes in. It's a simple club administration Platform that provides clubs, committees and organisations with features like project managing tools, administration tools and easy payment methods and tracking to effectively manage things. TidyClub also provides the TidyClub API that makes it possible for developers to integrate this functionality with other applications or create new ones.


TidyClub's selling point is that it's service could save hours of administrative work, help keep communication lines open between club members and streamline the payment process; ultimately saving clubs time and money, and helping them achieve more. The application includes a number of helpful features including accepting and tracking payments, tracking memberships, providing various communication methods including SMS and email, task setting with auto-reminders and instant reporting.


The TidyClub API provides methods to read and write from TidyClub securely, as well as providing access to features such as contacts, events, memberships, finances, tasks and more. All data is sent and received in JSON. Developers interested in making use of this functionality can find more information on TidyClub's website.

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