A Tie for Best Mashup

At Mashup Camp last week each attendee was given one wooden nickel with which to vote for their favorite mashup. Then on both days there was a "Speed Geeking" session during which attendees rotated through the Great Hall getting 5 minute demos from each of the 20+ mashup contestants. And who won? Once all the nickels were counted it was a tie between two great mashups Weather Bonk from David Schorr and HotCaptcha from Jeff Marshall at frozenbear. A final poll of the crowd lead to victory for Weather Bonk and a big congratulations David! (David also created the highly rated Golf Bonk and Ski Bonk mashups). BTW, if you need a custom mashup developed for your business, both David and Jeff are good developers to hire. For a rundown of all the mashups check one of these three sites:

For more on the very fun and creative HotCaptcha see this story.

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