Tigerpaw and LabTech Collaborate on Advanced Plug-in for PSA Platform

Tigerpaw Software Inc., developer of the most comprehensive business automation software for technology providers, announces that LabTech, a developer of remote monitoring and management (RMM) solutions, has worked with Tigerpaw to advance the Integration between LabTech and Tigerpaw v14 and V15 professional services automation (PSA) Platform.

Having the LabTech integration bolsters Tigerpaw’s roster of integration partners.  The LabTech plug-in creates a seamless relationship combining Tigerpaw’s business automation platform and LabTech’s RMM capabilities, including desktop management, network and server management, backup and storage, remote control and security. The integration synchronizes the flow of customer data in both directions between LabTech and Tigerpaw.

With Tigerpaw and LabTech, service providers have access to a streamlined, closed-loop system that shares monitoring, alerts, metrics, ticketing, asset Polling, invoicing and reporting data- all from one integrated system. In addition, Tigerpaw’s automated billing and payment-processing capabilities allow service providers to seamlessly manage service agreements, from the creation of tickets to payment collection.

“The advancement of LabTech’s integration creates a valuable asset that is available to all Tigerpaw customers. We have a number of third-party partners currently developing integrations for our platform, and service providers can expect a litany of new integrations to be announced in 2015,” said Tigerpaw President James Foxall.

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