TigerText Opens Its Secure Communications Platform to Developers

TigerText, a provider of enterprise-grade secure messaging solutions, has announced the launch of TigerConnect, a platform as a service (PaaS) that provides developers with a scalable infrastructure, cross-platform APIs and SDKs, and other tools for integrating secure messaging capabilities into applications. The company has released an SDK that allows developers to integrate TigerText platform secure messaging features such as encryption, direct one-to-one communication, time-controlled messages, and other secure messaging capabilities into their applications.


Founded in 2010, TigerText started out by providing secure messaging solutions to organizations in the healthcare industry. The company has since branched out, providing enterprise-grade communications solutions to other highly regulated industries such as financial, legal, and government. TigerText is not only an encrypted messaging platform but also a work collaboration system that allows organizations to securely share information and communicate about projects, internal processes, and workflows. ProgrammableWeb reached out to Itamar Kandel, chief strategy officer at TigerText, who said that by opening up the platform to developers via APIs and SDKs it allows the TigerText platform to be a consumer-grade messaging system with enterprise controls as well as an enterprise-grade secure communications platform.

Some of the features of the TigerText communications platform include (but are not limited to):

  • Content Encryption — Every aspect of communications is encrypted, including attachments such as files and photos.
  • Time-Controlled Messages — Secure messages automatically expire based on a specified time table. Messages can be automatically deleted as soon as they’re read or after a set period of time of up to 30 days.
  • Cross Platform Communication — The platform works with all major messaging and email platforms, including Twilio, SendGrid, and Mailgun.
  • Delivery and Read Confirmation — The platform allows messages to be tracked and can let users know the status of their messages such as when messages were sent, delivered, and read.
  • HIPAA Compliant — TigerText is HIPAA Compliant. The platform features end-to-end encryption, which allows health organizations to protect patient confidentiality and data, a requirement of HIPAA and other healthcare industry regulations.
  • Secure Video and Voice Message Sharing — The platform is capable of sending secure video and voice messages. The messages also comply with HIPAA regulations because they are sent via a HIPAA-compliant messaging platform.

The TigerText SDK enables developers to add secure text, voice, and video messaging capabilities to their applications. Developers can also leverage HTTP, SMTP, and WCTP protocols, which allows for a wide range of connectivity. Itamar Kandel told ProgrammableWeb that while the TigerText SDK and APIs are just now launching, the APIs have been in use internally by the company for about four years. He also said that their APIs have been in use for some time by some of their healthcare customers who have connected their systems to the TigerText platform. Kandel told ProgrammableWeb that the company believes in a “dogfooding” approach when it comes to APIs. Dogfooding is an approach that allows companies to thoroughly test and debug their own APIs.

The TigerText SDK and APIs can be used by any developer looking to add secure and encrypted messaging capabilities to their applications. Kandel told ProgrammableWeb that the ultimate goal for TigerText would be to become the standard layer of security and encrypted messaging that every app includes. When you consider the high-profile hacking of Sony Pictures Entertainment and other recent hacking incidents of this nature, secure and encrypted messaging capabilities should be regarded as a must-have feature for pretty much every app. Kandel said that one of the built-in features of TigerText that sets it apart from other messaging platforms is the “self destructing messages” feature. The platform can automatically delete messages based on a specified time frame which limits their exposure. Kandel told ProgrammableWeb that:

“Every app with a messaging component should have encryption and ephemerality built in, not bolted on, to keep communications private and secure. This is especially important for enterprises because of the consequences they’ll face if they get hacked, like we recently saw with Sony and Anthem. At TigerText, we’ve spent the last five years developing and refining enterprise-grade secure messaging capabilities and TigerConnect is the next step in our vision to become the fabric on which enterprises securely communicate. With the platform, developers can build and integrate secure messaging into any application with a “dial tone” level of service availability, scalability up to billions of messages, and rich enterprise features, with minimal time and investment."

For more information about TigerText and the TigerConnect platform as a service (PaaS) for developers, visit TigerText.com.

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