TiKL Announces Talkray API to Enable In-App Collaboration and Communication

TiKL, maker of mobile apps Talkray and Touch to Talk, has announced the Talkray API that allows developers to integrate Talkray functionality with third party apps and platforms. The Talkray API enables one on one or group chat, group calls, push notifications, file transfer, and more in a cloud based Platform. Although the API can integrate with a wide variety of apps, TiKL expects the largest group of adopters to come from the gaming industry. Accordingly, the API was announced at this year's Game Developers Conference.

TiKL has done little to promote itself since inception; however, users have downloaded its apps over 28 million times. The Talkray API brings communications and collaborative functionality to existing apps. Accordingly, TiKL's user base should only increase with the release. Some of the most prominent venture capital names agree, as a new series of funding coincides with the API announcement.

Currently, the Talkray API remains in private beta with no public Documentation available. Those interested in signing up for the beta should visit the Talkray developer site. TiKL has announced that most of Talray's features are available via the API and common use case scenarios surround collaboration, leaderboards, group chats/calls, and real-time streams.

Consumers expect more and more collaborative functionality within app experiences. Whether business users are updating CRM profiles, or gamers are attacking new missions; the expectation to connect to third parties and third party information have become commonplace. The Talkray API allows such functionality and could be utilized far and wide by developers around the globe.

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