TikTok Introduces Share to TikTok SDK

TikTok recently introduced its Share to TikTok SDK. Through the SDK, third-party apps can integrate with TikTok which allows such apps to directly upload videos from the third-party app editing Platform. TikTok has partnered with a number of launch partners with the hopes of expanding and enriching the content available through TikTok.

"This new Share to TikTok feature enriches the content available on TikTok, diversifies the types of videos users can discover and offers more editing choices for users to explore in addition to TikTok's built-in creative tools," the company stated in a newsroom announcement. "Most importantly, it gives users multiple avenues to create new original, high quality content using platforms with exciting creative tools."

At launch, TikTok has integrated with seven partners. Enlight Videoleap, Plotaverse, PicsArt, Momento GIF Maker, Medal.tv, Fuse.it, and Adobe Premiere Rush are all capable of integrating through the Share to TikTok SDK. Through these partners' editing platforms, TikTok will add to its portfolio of content through unique platform elements including videos, GIFs, photos, and more.

The SDK is available on both iOS and Android. Integrated apps need access to the photo Library for sharing. The setup process is very simple, and TikTok has published iOS and Android quickstart guides to guide developers. Check out the developer site to learn more.

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