TikTok Teases New Shopping API Alongside Platform Upgrades

TikTok has been busy throughout 2021 announcing e-commerce integrations and capabilities that are meant to take advantage of the company’s meteoric rise within the social media industry. This week, the company announced a slew of new partnerships, technological advances, and the impending release of a new Shopping API

To date, the workflow for selling products directly through TikTok involves leveraging a Shopify account and setting up a TikTok for Business account. This process enables TikTok partners to enable a shopping tab directly on their profile which exposes product catalogs to end-users. TikTok is looking to simplify and expand this process in the near future with the release of a new Shopping API that will allow for direct Integration of product catalogs. 

While the company outlined much of the rest of its e-commerce Platform updates in a blog post, the news of an upcoming API release comes via TechCrunch reporting. This story will be updated as more news becomes available.