Time Is Money: Cashboard's Invoicing API

Cashboard appears to be a full featured and mature time-tracking and invoicing system.  It’s been about 9 months since the company opened its system up with its Cashboard API in beta, which continues to this day.  The customer testimonials are quite persuasive and could lead to removing that manual Excel spreadsheet approach from the equation. After all, we're much more web savvy, right?

This service falls into the ‘business process outsourcing’ trend, in which the internet has facilitated increasing specialization.  This allows today’s small technology company to outsource many aspects of day to day operation to companies that focus of doing them extremely well.  Let the experts handle yourdata center needs, the analysis and reporting of your data, or even the processing of your log files.  Now, let CashBoard provide you with time tracking software.  You can even write your own interface, or incorporate it into another application, through the API.

Authentication is part of this RESTful API.  An API Key is required and this token is only obtainable by contacting their support team.  Both XML and JSON response formats are available.  If you'd like to work with the Cashboard system, check out their documentation and user forum.

CashBoard has entered a niche area with this API, being one of only 8 time tracking APIs, and one of 17 Invoicing APIs, and only the second to combine both.

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