Times Wire: The New York Times Makes Its Newswire API Shine

The New York Times has been gaining momentum in opening up its vast stores of information via APIs such as the TimesPeople, Article Search, and Real Estate APIs and mashups such as Represent (our coverage on Represent). Now the media giant has taken another step forward by implementing a new service that leverages its Newswire API (our Newswire API Profile).


Times Wire, a new service/mashup developed by The New York Times, provides a continuously updated stream of stories, blog posts, and photos published on nytimes.com. In many ways similar to Friendfeed, Times Wire offers a readily accessible list of content as it becomes available, both on a single web page layout and via RSS.

This is a simple, yet elegant, example of the Newswire API in action, and we think it provides an interesting approach for access to the media giant's stories, blog posts, and photos.

[Hat Tip: ReadWriteWeb]

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