Tinkoff Investments Launches Open API for Algorithmic Traders

Tinkoff Investments brokerage Platform launches Open APITrack this API ( Application Programming Interface) for algorithmic traders, enabling them to create robots and set up automatic trading.

The new solution gives algorithmic traders a unified API and a single brokerage account for trading securities on the largest global stock exchanges. The users no longer need a separate trading account for every stock exchange and can seamlessly buy and sell securities and currencies with Tinkoff Investments.

With a new token, algorithmic traders can use Open API to place and cancel limits on orders, view streaming portfolio details (securities and their limits) and securities market information (depth of market dashboards and candlestick charts). For instance, they can program the Tinkoff Investments interface to instantly React to share price swings and bid for lots automatically.

Unlike other brokerage market participants, Tinkoff Investments relies on a simple and clear programming protocol with short guides, up-to-date Documentation, balanced option sets, and convenient libraries (Java, Go, Scala). Moreover, Open API does not require a separate terminal to operate.

The new service allows its users to perform hypothesis testing in a Sandbox (a separate secure server) free of charge. Customers can analyse and improve investment strategies without risking their money due to such factors as market volatility. Positive results can later be applied to real trading.

"We are among the first to offer Russian algorithmic traders a truly simple API that can automate millions of security transactions. I am sure users will like it. On top of automatic trading, it lets you «play» with the price trends, forecast market events, and test your investment hypotheses," said Alexander Emeshev, Vice President, New Products Development at Tinkoff.

Going forward, Tinkoff Investments' Open API will also become available to corporate clients. Companies that need to analyse the securities market and create additional value for their business will be able to lease our programming interface.

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