Tinybird Aims to Simplify Data Aggregation and Access via API

Tinybird is looking to simplify the process of building real-time data analytics products by offering infrastructure that assists in data aggregation and analysis. The Tinybird Platform claims to be able to ingest millions of rows of data per second and provide developers with low-latency access to the resulting SQL database. 

The result of this data aggregation process is accessibility via APIs that can be more easily integrated into applications. The company’s hallmark claim is its ability to offer this service in near real-time. Co-founder and CEO Jorge Gómez Sancha told TechCrunch that:

"Several of our customers are reading over 1.5 trillion rows on average per day via Tinybird and ingesting around 5 billion rows per day, others are making an average of 250 requests per second to our APIs querying several billion-row datasets,"

Tinybird claims that in addition to providing low-latency access to data via API, the process of setting up these API datastreams is far less time-consuming than alternative workflows. The company states that you can go “from data to API in minutes. 

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