TinyPay.me Gives a Big Advantage to The Little Guy

APIs are giving more leverage to small independent players.  Whether it’s a single developer, or a small web development team, each quality API that is produced gives them another leg up.  There is a wonderful varied ecosystem emerging here with many highly specified niche players.  TinyPay.me is one such player, offering e-commerce services with focus on simplicity and product placement.  The TinyPay.me API gives developers a unique online storefront option.

Tinypay.me’s value-add is that it makes setting up an online store much easier.  It has outsourced Authentication & payment processing to the PayPal API. Tinypay is focusing on its simple User Interface and making sure that your listing shows up in Google Product Search, not implementing another Mastercard payment gateway.

It’s easy to navigate the documentation and the interface is geared toward the API explorer.  Methods are documented with examples and a test console. The API is RESTful, with responses in JSON.  Client libraries are available in java, ruby, python, PHP and objective-c.

All this quality comes at a cost.  TinyPay.me is betting that you'll be willing to pay them for the privilege of not needing to re-invent the online store.  The fee is 5% of sale price for each item sold. Update: As noted in the comments below, TinyPay now have a zero sales fee model.The people behind TinyPay.me are clearly do-gooders:  if you donate a percentage of the sale to charity, they will too (up to 5%).

This API is one of almost 200 shopping APIs in the directory, but they stand out from the crowd.

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