TippingCircle Launches New API Allowing Developers to Integrate Social Payments Into Apps

TippingCircle, a social payments Platform, has announced the launch of a brand new hybrid API that allows developers to integrate the TippingCircle platform into web, mobile and desktop applications.


Image Credit: TippingCircle

TippingCircle makes it possible for users to make person-to-person payments, group payments and set up social fundraising via PayPal and social networks including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

Users of the TippingCircle platform are able to create their own social payments profile which makes it easy to send and receive payments and helps create a fun and interactive payment experience. TippingCircle Founder James Davis, is quoted in the press release as saying:

"We've designed it so when a tip is sent, the user can include a message about the event that draws attention to the fun time they spent together, as opposed to the money exchange itself. Users can also view one another's profiles to see past tips and reminisce on the exciting night they had or lookup tipping buckets to support a cause their friend is passionate about."

The new TippingCircle API is a hybrid API that uses both OAuth and simple Authentication based on the Endpoint. API endpoints include sign up, get user, get buckets, and get transactions.

Developers that would like to use the TippingCircle API need to submit details about their application and receive usage approval from TippingCircle. For more information, visit the official TippingCircle website.

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