TitanTV API: Never Miss Your Favourite Show Again

For those hooked on their favourite series or programme, or for any kind of TV enthusiast, having access to detailed information on TV shows, blockbuster premieres or even local news is key. TitanTV is a free online TV guide service that claims to provide the most accurate over-the-air cable and satellite channel line-up's for a user's specific area, using it's patented geo-location technology. TitanTV provides the TitanTV API that allow users to access this functionality.


Users can create a free TitanTV membership and customise their TV listings by building multiple listings containing only the channels they watch, creating a list of favourite shows for quick recall, adjusting the look and feel of the channel listings and accessing these listings from any computer or mobile device. Those who have computers equipped with Personal Video Recordings (PVR), also have the option to watch and record shows directly from the service's listings.

TitanTV provides two SOAP-based APIs. One allows users to access information on TV programmes and line-up's, and the other allows users to retrieve recording schedule entries.

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