Tito API: Just The Ticket

Anyone in the events industry will know how much is involved in making an event a success. There are detailed logistics at every turn, and the event ticketing and registration process can prove to be one of those complex challenges. Startup, Tito, may just have the solution for eliminating these potential ticketing nightmares, as they have introduced a simple and effective event managing application that makes it possible to sell tickets and manage events quickly and easily. Tito also provides the Tito API, which is good news for developers who may want to access this functionality and integrate it with other relevant applications.


The folks at Tito suggest that the application is so effective because it's built by people who actually run events and know exactly what an application like this does and doesn't need. Things like fully customisable event pages, the ability to connect to existing Stripe or PayPal accounts for quick payments, flexibility in setting up tickets with options to create custom discount codes, private links to secret tickets, run the event as a lottery and more, the option to collect information from attendees via a questionnaire at the ticket purchasing stage and the ability to add multiple team members for the event administration makes this a very attractive tool. What's also pretty cool is that, in addition to generating PDF tickets, the system also brings the conveniences of Passbook into the event arena by generating Passbook tickets which can be downloaded directly to the purchaser's iOS device.



Tito is still in its early stages and will probably be a good one to keep an eye on. Tito's initial API is available for developers who may be keen to make use of this data, but public Documentation is not currently available and those interested should contact support@tito.io for more information.

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