Tizen App Challenge Winners Are Announced

The Tizen Association has announced the winners of its Tizen App Challenge, which invited developers to build mobile applications for its upcoming Tizen OS. The results were declared at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona this Sunday, and Samsung handed out about $4 million in prize money to the winners.

The contest ran for nearly 5 months, with final submissions due at the end of November. To boost the number of applications that would be available when the Tizen OS launched, developers could submit either Native or HTML5-based mobile Web applications as part of this challenge.

The grand prize winners took home a cash prize of $200,000. Also, cash rewards for runners-up and honorable mentions in each category were given, making a total of 54 winners. An additional 10 apps that were purely HTML5 based gave developers another $50,000 to take home. The grand prize winners include Beyond Space, an adventure game; RemindMe, a tool to help set reminders; and ProExe, a travel translator. Check out the entire list of winners.

Tizen has not yet released any Smartphone running its flagship Tizen OS, and the winning applications will likely not run on the Tizen OS watches that the company announced at MWC 2014. The contest did meet its objective of getting applications ported out to Tizen OS. However, with such hefty prize money given out and with no Tizen OS phone on the horizon, many questions about Samsung's strategy toward Tizen are bound to be raised.