Today in APIs: 100TB Launches API, and 9 New APIs

Server company 100TB launches API to manage servers. New book on API design published. Plus: GE acquires API Healthcare, Google Maps API for Android updated, and 9 new APIs.

100TB Launches API

100TB, a global server and hosting company offering Intel-based servers in three tiers of ember, flame and inferno, has launched an API to allow customers to manage their servers and billing information. The 100TB API offers JSON responses with some raw data responses as well (for images like PNG, for example). The company provides Tier 3 data centers that are SAS70 Type II and SSAE16 certified, stretching from Singapore to Salt Lake City. The API documentation supports requests using CURL or programming languages that support HTTP requests.

New Guide Released for API design Principles

In A Practical Approach to API Design, authors D. Keith Casey, Jr. and James Higginbotham start at the beginning of APIs by explaining what they are, why you need them, and how to build them. The table of contents includes discussions of REST vs. SOAP, APIs for existing workflows, and tips for designing, building and testing them. The authors explain why the book is needed:

Fundamentally, API design is hard. It combines two of the most challenging things in computer science and asks you to accomplish them in a distributed environment at scale. You might as well do it with your eyes closed, too.

From the first chapter, it's clear the book is well written, reviewing various use cases as a means of illustrating what APIs are and why you need them, from business strategy reasons to technical cases, metering usage and more.

API News You Shouldn’t Miss

9 New APIs

Today we had 9 new APIs added to our API directory including a free mobile alert service, a computations as a service api, a crypto-currency exchange service, a crypto-currency market capitalization data service and a digital magazine publishing and hosting services. Below are more details on each of these new APIs. AirgramAirgram API: Airgram provides free mobile alert web services. In addition to transmitting text and images, Airgram is able to send interactive HTML5 and geolocate and geofence users. Airgram is accessible via API. The Airgram API supports unauthenticated methods capable of sending messages to small groups of users who already have the Airgram app. All other methods require an Airgram service account. CaascadeCaascade API: Caascade is a Computations-as-a-Service API, which runs queries against the computer algebra system Maxima, which is installed on its cloud servers. After whitelisting a dedicated IP with Caascade, 3rd party applications can pass HTTP GET calls using a variety of algebraic operations. The API returns JSON formatted objects. CoinedUpCoinedUp API: CoinedUp is a a crypto-currency-only exchange that does not deal in fiat currencies. Users can transfer currencies in, and trade between the crypto-currencies. The API allows users to make market calls, orderbook listings calls, trade listings calls and other market related calls. An account is required with service. The exchange and API are free to use. CoinMarketCoinMarket API: is a crypto-currency data service that scrapes data from The API makes the data on the listed crypto-currencies available in a JSON format, accessible via REST calls. The API is free to use, and no account is required with service. Users can integrate the data into third-party applications that utilize crypto-currency data. JoomagJoomag API: Joomag provides digital interactive magazine publishing and hosting services to individuals and organizations of all sizes. The Joomag API allows 3rd party applications to programmatically create magazines from PDF Files. Mincoin ToolsMincoin Tools API: Mincoin Tools is a crypto-currency mining pool where users combine their processing power to solve blocks to receive coins. The Mincoin Tool API allows users to make calls to access statistics on the pool. The API allows users to see the block dificulty, block count, hash rate, btc price, USD price, the trading mnc, trading btc, and the current date. The API uses REST calls and returns JSON and JSONP. An account is required with service. PaymentVault PaymentVault API: Auric Systems International is a PCI compliant solutions provider that produces payment transaction processing applications from cryptographic key management to tokenized credit card storage.The PaymentVault API, provided by Auric Systems, allows users to integrate merchant shops with the PaymentVault service. PaymentVault Tokenization provides off-site data storage for tokenized credit card account numbers and separate bulk storage of encrypted credit card information from the cardholder's personally identifiable information. The API uses JSON- RPC, and account is required with service. QuickyCoinQuickyCoin API: QuickyCoin enables businesses to accept bitcoin, litecoin and other crypto-currencies as payment. The QuickyCoin API solution is tailored to a user's business enabling bitcoin, litecoin and other crypto-currencies users to actually make payments. The solution immediately enables businesses to receive litecoin payments and is scalable to include other crypto-currencies upon demand. An account is required with service. ZenobaseZenobase API: Zenobase is service that provides users with the ability to store data, as well as aggregate and visualize personal time-series data. The Zenobase API allows users to store and retreive data. The API uses REST calls and returns JSON. The API exposes 4 sections of the API: the Authentication, the buckets of data, events, and common data. Each of these categories includes a number of resources. An account is required with service.

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