Today in APIs: 18F Announces Open Source Policy

18F has announced and published its official open source policy. Plus: SAP and Apigee partner on API management.

18F Announces Open Source Policy

18F, the digital services delivery team within the GSA, has announced the open source policy and principles that will govern the newly formed group. 18F was created to build effective digital services between the US government and the people and businesses the government interacts with.


18F explained its three pronged approach to open source in its blog announcement:

  1. Use Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) in our projects and to contribute back to the open source community;
  2. Create an environment where any project can be developed in the open; and
  3. Publish all Source Code created or modified by 18F publicly.

18F’s dedication to open source engenders out of a belief that open source will drive innovation, improvement, and a better overall product. An open source approach increases flexibility, encourages community involvement, lowers cost, and perpetuates reusability. 18F has started a GitHub site where interested developers can learn more and contribute.

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