Today in APIs: 3Scale Creates an API for UNData

3Scale Builds an API for UNData. Xignite creates TypeAhead API for finance industry. Plus: Zapier’s OneNote Integration, and to API or not to API.

3Scale Builds UN Data API

API Platform company 3Scale has built an API for UNData. The reason 3Scale chose the UN Data site to build an API is both to inspire others and because it has a large database. The UN site aggregates data from the World Health Organization, the United Nations Statistics Division, and many other organizations throughout the world. But access was limited—you had to download the files and then input them into your own database before analyzing them. To make matters worse, various types of information such as country names were inconsistent across the databases.

According to Kristine Jennings posting on the 3Scale blog,

We built this API for a few reasons. First, to make the data more easily accessible – the UN has a lot of interesting and useful data and we thought developers should be able to access it (read on for more detail on what’s included in the data). It was also an opportunity to provide an example implementation of a RESTful API for those interested in learning more. We hope putting the code out there might help others run a similar service and or give us feedback on how to improve it.

Sign up is now available for the API. 3Scale offers a detailed wiki at Github on how to use the API.

Xignite Creates TypeAhead Functionality for Financial Industry

Market data cloud solution company Xignite’s TypeAhead API integrates the ability to auto type stock symbols, currency symbols and other financial characters.

As Xignite commented, users expect this kind of functionality:

The TypeAhead functionality is similar to the Google Search AutoComplete feature, providing matching stock symbols and company names in a dropdown menu as a user types characters in a field. The dropdown interactively refines the list as a user types additional characters, and supports multiple stock symbologies popular in the financial industry. Integrating Xignite's TypeAhead feature with a mobile app or web site only takes a few lines of code.

Xignite is helping power websites and apps for more than 1,000 companies. TypeAhead is free and now available in beta.

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