Today in APIs: 3Scale Launches APItools, and 5 New APIs

3Scale launches free APItools for enhancing APIs. Amazon Web Services and Twitter called out by Greenpeace for using dirty energy. Plus: Google releases its Prediction API to public, TTM's RESTjee software expedites APIs in remote data access, and 5 new APIs.

3Scale's APItools Transforms API Traffic in Your App

How do you control external backend systems? APItools is 3Scale's answer to making this particular pain disappear. Now in private beta, this free product enables developers to monitor and manage API traffic. In addition, inbound and outbound traffic can be modified. Signup is available now.

The press release delved into the advantages of using the new tools:

By helping application developers interact with APIs, 3SCALE aims to continue removing barriers to API adoption, and help unleash their value. APItools will save developers using APIs valuable time in learning how an API works, allowing them to easily test and debug their app, and provide simpler way to transform traffic, and use middleware keys and headers. Operations teams will benefit from APItools ability to easily monitor their API Endpoint/methods, control all traffic for different apps in one place, and set up tests/alerts for errors.

While there are many tools available for API providers to tackle these problems, few if any exist for API users; this could be the first suite.

Greenpeace Blasts Amazon Web Services and Twitter for Using Dirty Energy

Greenpeace has taken Amazon Web Services and Twitter to task for locating their server farms near dirty energy.

According to Susan Goldenberg, US environment correspondent for the Guardian (UK), use of electricity by data centers is one of the fastest growing sources of green house gasses:

...Amazon Web Services, which provides a cloud Platform for Netflix, Tumblr and Pinterest, was singled out for being secretive about its energy use, and for siting data centres in areas that rely heavily on coal.

The company lagged "far behind its major competitors, with zero reporting of its energy or environmental footprint to any source or stakeholder", the report said.

Twitter and Oracle were also faulted. Microsoft and Yahoo received middling grades in the report, which looked at energy use by 300 tech companies.

But as is clear from the graphic above, some companies are on the right side of history: Apple, Box, Facebook, Google, Rackspace and Salesforce have all committed to power their data centres with 100% renewable energy. The Greenpeace report offers a company by company review.

API News You Shouldn’t Miss

5 New APIs

Today we had 5 new APIs added to our API directory including an embedded scientific computing and r interface service, a church social network, a historical equity price service and a real-time index value service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

OpenCPUOpenCPU API: OpenCPU provides embedded scientific computing services that are available on public servers or, alternatively, that users can download and host themselves. The OpenCPU API acts as a middle layer interface to R, a software programming language for statistical computing. The API can work with any language or Framework that can handle HTTP.

The CityThe City API: The City is a social network for churches, enabling church communities to stay engaged.

The City API is a social and data management platform for church communities. Using The City API, church communities can manage church data, create and manage groups, communicate through a single platform, simplify and enrich children’s ministry check-in, and modernize church giving. Developers have the ability to build a UI with labels that make sense for a church's specific terminology.

Xignite Global Indices HistoricalXignite Global Indices Historical API: The Xignite Global Indices Historical API enables users to retrieve historical prices for equities going back to January 1, 2000. It provides closing prices along with open, high, low, volume and other market statistics for equities on more than 50 global exchanges. API users may also request split prices and prices adjusted for dividends.

Xignite Global Indices Real TimeXignite Global Indices Real Time API: The Xignite Global Indices Real Time API provides users with real-time access to index values from over 10,000 U.S. and international markets. These include the Dow Jones, NASDAQ, and other popular index families. API users can view index lists by group or search for indexes by name. Volume information is only available for a limited number of indices.

Xignite Global Real Time OptionsXignite Global Real Time Options API: The Xignite Global Real Time Options API provides real-time quotes for equity options listed in the U.S. Users can also perform option chain lookups and get highs, lows, contract sizes, underlying asset information, and other data. The API allows users to retrieve data on one or more securities at a time.