Today in APIs: Accredify Announces Universal Verification API

Accredify unveils a universal verification API: Accredify Connect. Facebook launches four new media APIs. Plus, Amazon CloudWatch API calls are now available in CloudTrail.

Accredify Announces Accredify Connect

Accredify, accredited investor verification Platform, has announced an API for the Integration of a universal verification solution: Accredify Connect. The API allows investors to login to multiple investment portals (e.g. crowdfunding portals, private equity portals, etc.) with a single username and password. Accredify Connect was created as a response to new SEC regulations related to the JOBS Act.

Herwig Konings, Accredify CEO, commented:

"By seamlessly integrating with America's top portals, Accredify allows investors to access deals offered by issuers in compliance with SEC regulations without having to share duplicitous financial information or go through onerous and less secure in­house services."

Accredify can already boast of significant partners in the industry including, and More are already in the pipeline and the new API strategy should continue to grow its base. To learn more about Accredify Connect, visit the API site.

Facebook Launches Four New Media APIs

Facebook hosted its global developer conference (F8) this week. Of the many announcements made, four new media APIs were launched. The Trending API delivers a list of depersonalized trends that people are currently discussing on Facebook. The Topics Insights API aggregate insights about people mentioning a specific topic. The Topic Feed API allows a user to search for any topic and pull a ranked feed from posts on the topic. Finally, the Hashtag Counter API gives developers access to how many times a hashtag was used in a certain period of time. Facebook decided to offer the four APIs as a direct result of developer demand and to provide a richer experience with Facebook content.

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