Today in APIs: ActiGraph API and Bible Platform Gets API

The ActiGraph API as an aid to sleep research. Faith Comes By Hearing releases its API. Plus: Spotware open API and operators jumping on API bandwagon.

The ActiGraph API: Sleep on It

Actigraph the company that specializes in sleep/wake monitors for the global research community has announced a new API. As the press release states, the API supports ActiGraph's monitoring system during drug trials and clinical research studies;

"ActiGraph’s new API allows programmatic control of the ActiLife software over a standard socket, allowing users to develop their own custom applications (Java, C#, C++, etc.) which can automate activity monitor deployments and downloads. An active Internet connection is not required and the ActiLife User Interface control can be completely blocked from view, allowing full Integration and automation of custom client applications. The ActiLife API currently supports all ActiGraph devices, including the company’s newest wireless wGT3X+ and wActiSleep+ monitors."

Along with equipment that supports clinical trials and research, ActiGraph's tools are also used for sleep assessment. So, what's so hard about monitoring people as they sleep? Actually, a lot, according to Jeremy Wyatt, ActiGraph’s Vice President of Software Engineering.

"The tremendous value of objective measures within these markets is finally becoming fully understood, and we are focused on developing tools, like the ActiLife API, that deliver data seamlessly in these complex environments."

Ad the need to do most sleep monitoring from a distance so the patient is uninterrupted, and it becomes clear why their monitors have a lot packed into them--and how the API can increase the flexibility to manipulate the data.

Faith Comes by Hearing Releases API for Digital Bible Platform

According to the press release, Faith Comes by Hearing (FCBH) has released its API to allow developers to integrate its Bible text and audio in over 700 languages.

Troy Carl, FCBH vice president and architect of the Digital Bible Platform, stated that the API was already used to creaste streaming through Apple's iTunes store. As he noted,

"The primary key to Scripture advancement in today's world is making technology and content available to the most creative minds in the world. Our hope is that the best and brightest developers from around the globe will use this access to provide God's Word in a way that is culturally significant and relevant to their communities."

The API is free for developers who are  registering online.

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