Today in APIs: Advanced Twitter Filtering, OAuth Voice of Reason and 18 New APIs

The Gnip API continues its focus on social data, providing new ways to filter the Twitter firehose. There are a lot of complaints about OAuth, but one presentation warns not to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Plus: New York Times announces new developer events, a new API billionaire and 18 new APIs.

Filter Twitter by Location, Language and More

Gnip, with its access to the Twitter firehose, offers developers a greater access to tweets than can be retrieved with the Twitter API. Now there are even more ways to slice and dice the social content.

In a recent blog post, the social data company announced the following methods for filtering tweets:

  • Country code
  • Place name
  • User's location in bio
  • Time zone
  • Language in bio
  • Follower count
  • Name in bio
  • Tweets with media

The Gnip API is pay-to-play, with no public pricing available.

New York Times Announces "Open" Events

It's been two years since the first set of New York Times developer events called "TimesOpen." It looks like a great lineup this year. On August 15 it will cover HTML5, Apps and JavaScript. On September 15, they'll look at Sockets and Streams. Then Big Data and Scaling on October 17, followed by an open source science fair on November 15.

As with the 2010 version, the TimesOpen events will close in December with a hack day on the 8th.

OAuth: More Good Than Bad

Excellent presentation (embedded above) by Apigee

API News You Shouldn't Miss

18 New APIs

Today we had 18 new APIs added to our API directory including real time web analytics, a metadata translation service, e-mail address validation service, international postal code look-up service, weather forecasting service and social networking Platform. Below is more details on each of these new APIs.

DataWeaveDataWeave API: DataWeave provides actionable public data for applications and analytics by aggregating, parsing, organizing and visualizing millions of data points from the Web. This data is then offered to users in a uniform format via a set of data APIs. This set of APIs includes data on commodity prices, UN population statistics, eCommerce prices, earthquakes, India trade data, world weather and more. The APIs use RESTful calls with responses formatted in JSON.

Elektronik Borsa SistemiElektronik Borsa Sistemi API: Istanbul Altin Borsasi, known in English as the Istanbul Gold Exchange, plays an important role in developing gold-based investment vehicles and in the international Integration of the Turkish gold sector. The Elektronik Borsa Sistemi is an electronic exchange system provided by the Istanbul Altin Borsasi. This system is accessible using SOAP calls in XML format. All Documentation is in Turkish.

GoSquaredGoSquared API: GoSquared provides websites with real time analytics through a customizable dashboard. GoSquared’s RESTful API enables developers to build applications and projects on top of the GoSquared platform. Some of the functionality exposed includes the ability to aggregrate stats, track campaign performance, measure user engagement, view notifications and more.

OCLC CrosswalkOCLC Crosswalk API: The OCLC is a nonprofit computer Library service and research organization which maintains WorldCat, a global network of library content. The Crosswalk Web Service is used to translate groups of metadata records from one format into another. The API lets users translate metadata records, returns a list of formats that are supported as input formats, returns a list of formats that the input formats can be translated to and returns the list of encodings that Java supports. The API uses SOAP protocol and responses are formatted in XML.

RestFul Web Services AirportRestFul Web Services Airport API: Airport codes are short codes that are used to identify specific airports. The RestFul Web Services Airport API allows users to retrieve detailed information about a given airport code using either SOAP or REST calls.

RestFul Web Services BibleRestFul Web Services Bible API: The RestFul Web Services Bible API provides verse details for either the American Standard Version of the Bible or the King James Version of the Bible. This service can be accessed using either SOAP or REST calls in XML format. Both protocols issue calls to WSDL endpoints.

RestFul Web Services Email ValidationRestFul Web Services Email Validation API: The RestFul Web Services Email Validation API determines whether a given e-mail address may be valid and provides the user with relevant details. Users may access the service using REST or SOAP calls in the XML data format. Both types of calls are aimed at WSDL endpoints.

RestFul Web Services FinancialRestFul Web Services Financial API: RestFul Web Services provides a suite of financial APIs for performing a variety of tasks. This includes retrieving information on stock quotes, currency conversion rates, or the London Gold Fix (the price of gold on the London market). The FedACH Service provides financial institutions with batched payment services that enable an electronic exchange of debit and credit through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network.

These services are accessible using either SOAP or REST calls in XML format. All calls are directed toward WSDL endpoints, regardless of the protocol used.

RestFul Web Services HCPCSRestFul Web Services HCPCS API: The Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) is a set of health care procedure codes based on the American Medical Association's Current Procedural Terminology. The RestFul Web Services HCPCS API allows users to look up these codes and their meanings using either REST or SOAP calls.

RestFul Web Services Postal CodeRestFul Web Services Postal Code API: The RestFul Web Services Postal Code API allows users to retrieve details for a given postal code. This service works with postal codes from a number of countries, including Australia, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Pakistan, South Africa, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. This service can be accessed using REST or SOAP calls in XML format. Calls in either protocol are directed toward WSDL endpoints.

RestFul Web Services UNSPSCRestFul Web Services UNSPSC API: UNSPSC is the acronym for the United Nations Standard Products and Services Code, a coding system to classify both products and services for use throughout the global eCommerce marketplace. The RestFul Web Services UNSPSC API allows users to look up these codes using either REST or SOAP calls.

RestFul Web Services USA Zip CodeRestFul Web Services USA Zip Code API: The RestFul Web Services USA Zip Code Service API provides details regarding the location of a given zip code in the United States by using either SOAP or REST calls. Both types of calls are aimed at WSDL endpoints.

RestFul Web Services Weather ForecastRestFul Web Services Weather Forecast API: The RestFul Web Services Weather Forecast API provides the weather forecast for a given location, specified by name. This service can be accessed using either REST or SOAP calls in XML format. Both types of calls are aimed at WSDL endpoints.

StrikeIron Midnight Trader Financial NewsStrikeIron Midnight Trader Financial News API: StrikeIron is a leading Data as a Service provider. They offer a number of solutions including address verification, email verification, phone validation, phone and address append, SMS text messaging, and sales tax solutions.

The Midnight Trader Financial Real-Time News Web Service gives users access to both real-time and historical stock news, historical event reaction and other information related to the US stock market. The data is made available via an XML based API.

Unofficial XboxUnofficial Xbox API: The Unofficial Xbox API is a publicly accessible and donation supported service that allows developers to integrate requests for game and gamer information for the Xbox. Examples of data requests include profile information, friends, games, and achievements. The Unofficial Xbox API is partnered with, and offers premium features to their users.

WebLib HealthMashWebLib HealthMash API: HealthMash is WebLib's health and medical knowledge base and semantic search engine. HealthMash uses natural language processing and semantic technology tools to find the most relevant results. The API provides programmatic access to the service's functionality for use in third party websites and applications. It uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML.

WebLib PolySpellWebLib PolySpell API: WebLib offers web search and knowledge discovery tools. Their solutions are used by healthcare organizations, universities, libraries and research organizations. PolySpell is a spelling correction system incorporating an English language spell checker, medical spell checker, scientific spell checker and a web spell checker. The service can be accessed via a web service API, full documentation is not publicly available.

yfrogyfrog API: Yfrog is a photo sharing service and social networking platform. The yfrog API exposes the photo sharing functionality of this platform. With the API users can upload media files to yfrog, find the count of photos uploaded by a user, get information about a specific photo, view all the photos from a user, access images in different sizes, upload big video or image files with the ability to suspend transfers and more. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.