Today in APIs: AdWords API Available for Shopping Campaigns, and 8 New APIs

Google has announced that the AdWords API now allows users to manage Shopping campaigns. Bitrix24 releases API for its online collaboration Platform. Plus, Surety Solutions announces single-point-of-entry API and 8 new APIs.

Google Announces Shopping Campaign Support for AdWords API

Google introduced Shopping campaigns to help connect sellers with consumers. Now, sellers and marketers utilizing Google's Shopping campaigns can create and manage campaigns through the AdWords API. Google is actively working with search management platforms and outside agencies to add Shopping campaign support. More information regarding AdWords API support of Shopping campaigns will be soon to follow.

Bitrix24 Launches API for its Online Collaboration Platform

Bitrix24; social collaboration, project management, and video conferencing solution provider; has announced API access to its popular collaboration platform. Although over 100,000 customers already use Bitrix24's standalone tool, Bitrix24 released the REST API to integrate with customers' existing tools. Bitrix24's President, Dmitry Valyanov, explained:

"Over 120,000 companies have signed up with Bitrix24 in less than two years. Even though Bitrix24 comes with over 35 different tools, we understand that business logic and workflows vary greatly from company to company. With this new API, custom solutions and integrations for Bitrix24 can be created to address the needs of clients or industry verticals."

Joining the Bitrix24 partner community is free. Systems integrators and web developers are encouraged to visit the developer site to learn more.

APIs You Shouldn't Miss

8 New APIs

Today we had 8 new APIs added to our API directory including a data analysis dashboard service, a two-factor Authentication service, a pakistani sms service, a nigerian bulk sms service and a celebrity stock game. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

Cyfe PushCyfe Push API: Cyfe is a business dashboard application that helps users monitor and analyze different types of data from one place.

The Cyfe Push API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Cyfe with other applications. The main API method is pushing data into other applications and dashboards from data channels.

DolunaDoluna API: Doluna is a user verification service that uses a mobile phone for performing two-factor authentication. Once the user submits the recipient's phone number, Doluna generates and sends a one-time PIN code via SMS. At the same time, Doluna gives the user a transaction key which they can check against the recipient's PIN. Doluna can be used to validate end users, verify phone numbers, and protect against fraudulent activity. Integration is accomplished via API and requires simple REST calls.

FreeSMSBagFreeSMSBag API: FreeSMSBag is a two-way SMS service for Pakistanis. It is designed especially to help people living abroad communicate with their friends and family back in Pakistan. The FreeSMSBag API allows users to send and receive SMS from their own websites and applications. SDKs are available in .NET, PHP, and Java.

GiftedSMSGiftedSMS API: GiftedSMS is a Nigerian bulk text messaging service that caters to a variety of businesses, organizations, and individuals. Users can integrate the GiftedSMS messaging gateway with their own applications via REST API. This enables users to send SMS and check their balances from within those applications.

HollyStock CelebrityHollyStock Celebrity API: HollyStock is a celebrity stock exchange where users acquire a portoflio of celebrities that gains or uses loses based on the the number of times the celebrities are mentioned in the news that day. The HollyStock Celebrity API uses REST calls and allows users to retrieve celebrities and their pricing from the online celebrity stock market game HollyStock. The API will return data in XML or JSON format. An account is required with service.

HSL SMSHSL SMS API: HSL (Hay Systems Ltd.) SMS provides a messaging gateway that can easily be integrated with other applications to allow them to send and receive SMS. HSL SMS is a versatile service that can be used for emergency alerts, M2M (machine-to-machine) calls, staff communications, customer promotions, two-factor authentication, and more. Integration can be accomplished using a variety of protocols, including REST, SOAP, SMPP, and SMTP.

Kairos IDKairos ID API: Kairos is a facial recognition service that aims to allow users to integrate advanced security features into applications to enhance identification and verification. The Kairos API uses REST calls, and requires and API Key for access. The API allows users to build applications that integrate the facial recognition into programs. Plans range from 500 to 50,000 calls and run from free up to $1,999 dollars per month.

ZyncZync API: Zync is a global messaging platform that provides communication methods over SMS, Voice, Email, and Fax. Its SMS platform focuses on long code and selects the most reliable routes using a global prefix lookup. The voice platform comes with direct connectors to every major geographic region. The fax engine is capable of delivering and receiving millions of pages per day. All of Zync's messaging functions are designed to send and receive messages to and from anywhere in the world.