Today in APIs: AeroFS Launches Content API, and 8 New APIs

AeroFS launches auditing and content API. Put your API through its paces at the API testing Dojo. Plus: Sign up for Paypal research, having fun with the Marvel Comics API, and 8 new APIs.

AeroFS Auditing and Content API Launch

AeroFS, the company that provides cloud services yet keeps your files on your servers, has launched an auditing trail for security and a content API.

Writing on the company blog, Yuri Sagalov says that the AeroFS Auditing Service allows for real-time auditing of aeroFS usage:

Audit trails are the cornerstone of IT security, and although AeroFS has long supported them through features such as Sync History and "Recent Activities", today's feature launch centralizes this functionality through the AeroFS Auditing Service that logs most activities that happen within AeroFS.

These include looking the modification, creation or deletion of employee and vendor accounts, file creations and alterations, new devices, and sharing invitations. With each view you can see who did what and when.

The content API gives you the ability to build your own tools on top of the AeroFS Private Cloud ecosystem, a feature that was requested by many. They have dog-fooded the application, already putting it to use by the AeroFS Private Cloud iOS Application. To experiment with the API, go to the Content API server at, where there is a version that can be played with.

Flip This: SoapUI Launches Free API Testing Dojo

SoapUI from Smartbear sells an API testing package for $399 a year. So why go to the matt and offer a free testing dojo?  It helps spread the word--and the practice--of testing. As one commenter noted about the announcement, "The real world is filled with [...] users that make mistakes and users that have malicious intentions."

As SoapUI explains, for although testing has risen in importance, it is still obscure and undervalued:

The API Testing Dojo is a space to learn and hone your skills in API testing. It's meant for developers of APIs, professional testers, and anyone else who might need to determine the efficacy of an Application Programming Interface or Web Service.

The Dojo is divided into three sections: the world of API testing, best practices, and testing katas that build your skills.

API News You Shouldn’t Miss

8 New APIs

Today we had 8 new APIs added to our API directory including an invoicing and expense service, a u.s. census data organization and visualization service, an sms advertising service, a real estate lead management service and a standard biological part database. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

BahaQuoteBahaQuote API: Bahaquote is an invoicing and expensing service that provides users with access to online invoicing, expense monitoring, mobile access, email marketing, and other features. The Bahaquote Platform can be integrated into third party applications and used for automation using the Bahaquote API. The API allows users to complete transactions online, update billing information, send quotes and invoices in a systematic manner through an automated process. An account is required with service.

Census ReporterCensus Reporter API: Census Reporter is a service for accessing and making sense of U.S. Census data. Information is divided into categories, and users can search for information by topic or keyword. Each data point comes with context to show how it fits into the larger picture of its state and country. Census Reporter offers visualizations of its data in the form of maps and charts. Users can download and save data in CSV and JSON format (more formats to come).

DigiadvertsDigiadverts API: Digiadverts is a marketing and advertising service that offers customers bulk sms services, two-way sms service, mobile coupons, and an sms gateway. The Digiadverts API provides developers with the capabilities to integrate 3rd-party software through an SMS Gateway API. Using the SMS Gateway API users can enable their website, application or software for sending SMS. The API provides a revenue share models available for developers and integrators.

IDX BrokerIDX Broker API: IDX Broker is a provider of real estate search applications. IDX, LLC actively manages more than $1 trillion worth of active listings data from more than 550 individual Multiple Listings Services (MLS). IDX, LLC provides integrated software, customizable listing search utilities, and lead management tools for real estate based websites (IDX Broker). The IDX Broker API allows users to Collect Lead Data and integrate with a CRM, gather account information, and access MLS-Provided Data.

iGEM RegistryiGEM Registry API: iGEM, the International Genetically Engineered Machine competition, is an international undergraduate Synthetic Biology competition. Student teams are given a kit of standard biological parts and tasked with building biological systems and operating them in living cells.
The iGEM Registry API exposes the MIT Registry of Standard Biological Parts, allowing developers to retrieve XML formatted information describing those parts. Information for any given part includes name, type, subparts, sequence, and much more.

SqwiggleSqwiggle API: Sqwiggle is an online workplace for remote teams. Sqwiggle features include online collaboration software, always-on video conferencing, drag and drop file uploading, and group video chat.
The Sqwiggle API provides a RESTful interface for developers to interact with its platform. Exposed resources include conversations, messages, attachments, users, organizations, and more.

TopCoderTopCoder API: TopCoder brings developers together for competitions in the fields of Design, Development, and Data Science. Competitors are encouraged to collaborate with and learn from each other within the TopCoder community. TopCoder provides several APIs for accessing data on its contests, members, and marathon match contests. Users can explore and play with these APIs in their browsers using the API Playground.

WhyJustRunWhyJustRun API: WhyJustRun is a Canadian running group that includes orienteering in its races. Runners can pick their own routes between checkpoints, navigating with the aid of map and compass. The WhyJustRun API allows users to retrieve an entry list, start list, result list, organization list, event list, and iCal calendar Feed.