Today in APIs: AirNow Coughs Up API, and 4 New APIs

The EPA's AirNow air quality monitoring service clears the air with a new API. New API from Vanilla Forums allows forum creators and users to retrieve forum data. Plus: pre-validated Medicare claiming API nearing launch date, and 4 new APIs.

EPA's Air Quality Index AirNow Cuts Through Data Smog with API

The EPA runs an air quality index (AQI) and forecasting service called AirNow. The AirNow API offers data and forecasts from 2,000 monitoring stations that cover 300 cities across North America (including Canada and Mexico). It joins 85 APIs in our API directory that are weather related. The AQI is a measurement combining ozone, particle pollution, and other common air pollutants.

The API documentation offers three services: forecasts and action days, real-time air quality observations by reporting area, and historical data. Data formats are returned in CSV, JSON, or XML. The API is intended to replace AirNow's Gateway services, which will continue until mid-2014 to give ample time to adopt the API.

Vanilla Forums API puts Online Forum Data in Users' Hands

Vanilla ForumsVanilla Forums allows users to create online forums. How do we know Vanillla Forums is good? Because, look out below, Car Talk uses it to manage their forums! If Tom and Ray think it's good, we have nothing to worry about. Right? The Vanilla Forums REST API lets users retrieve data from their forums. The Vanilla Forums API joins 518 other social APIs in our API directory.

The forums have several broad categories: Customer communities, gaming communities. media and enthusiasts, developers, and private communities. There are several types of templates provided in their showcase section, grouped by community type. The API Documentation covers everything from access tokens to wire format to responses (JSON, XTML, XHTML).

What's the most important thing to keep in mind? As Tom and Ray would say, "And remember, don't code like my brother."

API News You Shouldn’t Miss

4 New APIs

Today we had 4 new APIs added to our API directory including a rgb color picker widget, a backup service for resellers, a forum creation and management service and a department of veterans affairs facility information service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs. RGB RGB Picker API: provides a simple RGB color picker widget that users can add to any webpage by inserting a few lines of JavaScript code. A demo of this widget is available with the documentation. The RGB Picker API is free for public use.

IderaIdera API: Idera is a major provider of application and server management software. The Service Provider License Agreement (SPLA) allows Idera's partners to offer their customers server backup services. Idera's server backup manager includes multi-tenant capabilities, flexible monthly pricing, Integration with popular control panels, and a SOAP API that can be used for integrating billings, enhancing automation, and customizing the end user's experience.

Vanilla ForumsVanilla Forums API: Vanilla Forums allows users to create, customize, and manage their own online forums. In addition to basic forum functions, Vanilla also supports gamification, Q&As, and notifications. It also comes with social integrations and sharing functions to help draw new forum members. Users can localize their forums with any of 25 supported languages or let members choose their preferred language from a list of options. Vanilla Forums is designed to display natively on mobile devices. The Vanilla Forums REST API gives users the ability to manage and retrieve information from their forums programmatically.

Veterans Affairs FacilitiesVeterans Affairs Facilities API: The Veterans Affairs Facilities API is a Veterans Affairs (VA) service capable of programmatically delivering summary information about VA facilities. The SOAP Web Service is capable of searching for facilities by state, region, or facility ID, and returns structured data including facility ID, name, type, region, and state.