Today In APIs: Alfresco Mobile SDK, Craigslist targets Mashery

Alfresco Cloud can now be accessed via an API. Craigslist asks Mashery to drop support for 3Taps. Plus: Get Ready for Holidays With Google Shopping, ReelSurfer Launches Beta Embed API, and Google App Engine Can Now Use Continuous Integration App Jenkins.

Alfresco announces Mobile SDKs for Cloud Service

AlfrescoAlfresco that provides a cloud version of its content management system has announced an API that will help developers integrate the cloud solution into their applications.

It will make available client SDKs that will ease the integration task further. First up is the Alfresco Connector for SalesForce. iOS and Android SDKs are expected by end-October. Alfresco hopes that their API is a more enterprise ready solution than Box, Dropbox and other providers.

Craigslist asks Mashery to drop support for 3Taps

Craigslist has taken the battle to protect its data much further. First it was against PadMapper, who placed Craigslist' rental ads on the map. They then sent a cease-and-desist letter to 3Taps that provided the API which exposed Craigslist data to PadMapper. Mashery, who provide the API Platform for 3Taps have now been asked to drop support for 3Taps in their platform. Mashery has complied with the request as of now.

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