Today in APIs: Alternatives to Google's Shopping API, Qubit's Behavioral API, and 18 New APIs

Google's shopping API is being shuttered, what are the alternatives? Qubit's API makes Integration of ecommerce business intelligence easier. Plus: API best practices and advice, why analytics are important, and 18 new APIs.

Google's Free Shopping Intelligence API is Closing, the Search for Alternatives Begins

Semantics3 Google's shopping API is closing next week. There are alternative ways to get access to the pricing, availability and other data for products in retail outlets. The kicker is Google Shopping was free; that seems likely to disappear permanently.

Ki Mae Heussner profiles several options in Money. One of them is Semantics3:

"With a countdown to the demise of Google’s Shopping API at the top of its homepage, this Y Combinator-backed startup is clearly hoping for a boost in business next week. Semantics3 says its database includes 1.5 billion prices for 30 million products across 6000 retailers. Developers can access basic product information (without photos, historical pricing and other data) for free, but the company offers various pricing plans that range from $9 to $1499 a month, depending on the number of API calls and the kind of data they need."

Ki also discussed the Invisiblehand API, which we wrote about last week. Other APIs featured in the article are from Factual, Prosperent, and Skimlinks. Some, like Skimlinks, are restricted to certain types of developers/uses. But there's reason for optimism: it looks like the data, especially the visuals and accuracy of prices might be a leg up on Google's version.

Qubit API Helps Ecommerce Companies Understand Customer Behavior and Increase Conversions

Qubit launched a behavioral attribution API today to let retailers and marketers better  understand their customers and data.

According to the press release, Qubit is aiming to broaden the data visualization techniques that can be applied to its A/B testing and behavioral attribution tools:

"We're not only easily and more efficiently connecting consumer data through the API, we're also now increasing the analytical maturity of our clients by demonstrating the benefits of merging online behavior data with additional customer data sources in a simple, easy-to-digest format," said Graham Cooke, CEO of Qubit. "Providing complete 360-degree insight into consumer behavior on a daily basis will better enable marketers and retailers alike to React to customer behavior and faster implement promotions and offers that more quickly translate into conversion."

If this API succeeds, it will boost an already impressive increase in conversion rates: since 2010, Qubit customers have seen their conversion rates rise 20 percent with their own customers.

API News You Shouldn't Miss

18 New APIs

Today we had 18 new APIs added to our API directory including a telephony service, a voice and video Platform, a captcha solving service, a text messaging provider for africa and the middle east, a cloud computing and infrastructure service and an online arena for robot battles. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

2600hz2600hz API: 2600hz is a telephony, voice, and video communications platform. 2600hz provides a variety of communications features for organizations and companies to use for voice and video communication.

The 2600hz API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of 2600hz with other applications and to create new applications. Some example API methods include managing users, accessing messages, managing calls, and retrieving call logs.

CaptchaBotCaptchaBot API: CaptchaBot is a Captcha solving service that automatically deciphers the image. The services uses analyst around the world who view and decipher images in an average of 5-14 seconds. The Captchabot API includes calls to Analyze captchas, report an incorrectly recognized image, check account balances of both funding and usage limits, and other calls. An account is required with service.

CequensCequens API: Cequens is a mobile text/SMS messaging service provider for users in Africa and the Middle East. Cequens's messaging services are built on cloud-based, dispersed servers that adjust to traffic loads.

Cequens provides APIs that developers can use to access and integrate the functionality of Cequens with other applications and systems. Some example API methods include managing users, sending messages, and checking credit balances.

CPUsageCPUsage API: CPUsage is a cloud computing at scale service. CPUsage provides access to high performance cloud computing, memory, storage, and infrastructure for applications and computing at scale.

The CPUsage API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of CPUsage with other applications. Public Documentation is not available; API access comes with account service.

Fight CodeFight Code API: Fight Code is a free-to-play online game that challenges players to code their own robots using JavaScript. Players can then challenge other robots to compete in online battles. Fightcode offers a javascript API for coding robots. API example methods include Idle, RobotCollision, WallCollision, ScannedRobot, and HitByBullet.

FullContact Disposable EmailFullContact Disposable Email API: FullContact provides a suite of tools to support individuals, businesses, and developers in managing and enhancing their contact data.
The FullContact Disposable Email API allows customer applications to identify disposable, or one-time use email addresses, allowing customers to reduce the number of anonymous subscribers. The API detects email addresses that use sub-addressing or are associated with disposable email addresses.

Integral FX InsideIntegral FX Inside API: Integral is a trading network for foreign exchanges in which users can participate across the entire FX market and automate trading. The Integral FX Inside API allows brokers, institutional clients, and clients to access liquidity providers and price streams. The API offers SSL, FX, and 24x7 support. An account is required with service.

KoalityKoality API: Koality is a platform for coding, code testing, and code parallelization for development teams. Users and teams can use Koality to write code, test code, and implement code.

The Koality API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Koality with other applications. Some example API methods include managing users, retrieving and managing code repositories, and making changes in code.

MyWebzzMyWebzz API: MyWebzz is a drag and drop website creator that offers everything you need to build a unique website including domain hosting and advanced design features. Graphic designers and web developers can build website parts or full websites and sell them through the MyWebzz platform.

The integration of MyWebzz services is available via API to members of MyWebzz white label partnership program. API access and documentation is available by request.

NinchatNinchat API: Ninchat is a persistent chat service that also provides live video meetings and filesharing functions. The chat always stays on, even when the user is not online, and maintains an unlimited message history. Users can have multiple channels for people, interest groups, or work groups, each with its own web address and message history. Users can opt to receive notifications any time their name or a specified word is mentioned in a channel. Ninchat users can hold video or audio meetings with up to 12 speakers and unlimited viewers.

Ninchat provides a REST API that allows developers to create custom clients, functionalities, or bots for the service.

NomismaNomisma API: The Nomisma collaborative project provides stable digital representations of numismatic concepts and entities according to the principles of Linked Open Data. The representations take the form of HTTP URIs that provide access to reusable information about those concepts as well as links to other resources. Nomisma offers several REST APIs for developers. They include Average Axis, Average Diameter, Average Weight, Closing Date, Get Label, Get RDF and Get NUDS. Response data is formatted in XML.

Paysera WalletPaysera Wallet API: Paysera is an online payment service that allows users to send money, make an online payment, receive money or set up a merchant account. Developers can use Paysera's Wallet API To get information about the Paysera system's users and their accounts and to make payments between Paysera accounts including sending, receiving and coordinating payments. The API is based on REST principles and request content is provided in JSON.

RealmEyeRealmEye API: RealmEye is a website where users can view rankings, statistics, player profiles, guild information, and more for an MMORPG (massively multiplayer online roleplaying game) called Realm of the Mad God. This free, browser-based game is a pixelated shooter in which the player's character is transported to a realm where they must fight off a multitude of monsters in order to survive. Access to RealmEye's information and rankings is provided via an unofficial REST API.

SearchmetricsSearchmetrics API: Searchmetrics is a search analytics service that offers SEO, SEM and other social tracking and analytics for using in the management, improvement and scale search of marketing campaigns. The Searchmetrics API allows users to create applications that utilize the Searchmetric tools, integrate SEO/SEA/Social data into workflows and reporting, and other features. The service uses REST calls and returns JSON. An Account is required with service, and an API Key can be obtained at log in.

TipTap LabTipTap Lab API: TipTap Lab employs technology and scientific methods to identify psychological motivations behind consumer behavior. The Tip Tap Lab API provides developer tools for building profiles of people’s personalities and preferences. Potential uses include personalizing online experiences, matching like-minded people, increasing understanding of user groups, or creating groups based on psychological profiles.

Way2trafficWay2traffic API: The Way2traffic platform is tool for managing online ad campaigns and creating private ad networks. The system allows advertisers to control ad placement on websites and gives publishers a tool to manage their ad space. Way2traffic offers customers access to the Way2traffice API. Documentation is available by request.

World of Tanks UnofficialWorld of Tanks Unofficial API: World of Tanks is an MMO (massively multiplayer online) game that revolves around WWII-era tanks. The World of Tanks unofficial API exposes calls from the WoT Assistant mobile app, allowing developers to search for players or clans by name, show player statistics, show clan information, get detailed information on all tanks in the game, log in, receive notifications, and view the game's global map.

ZeroPark 0-Click FeedZeroPark 0-Click Feed API: ZeroPark is a domain traffic marketplace that offers traffic solutions for e-commerce, media buyers, lead generators and affiliates. ZeroPark's 0-Click domain Feed allows owners of large domain portfolios and domain traffic aggregators to query the system with domain traffic. Users receive a real time response with a link to an advertiser's webpage and a top net bid for the visitor. ZeroPark offers access to their 0-Click domain feed service via an API.