Today In APIs: Amazon Ads API Debuts, TweetDeck Apps Head Into History

Amazon makes Advertising move with Mobile Ads API. The popular TweetDeck suites of Apps will give way to a modern web based version. Plus: Google releases a new version of Adwords, Campaigner Elements API helps target customers, and AdWords API workshops.

Amazon Introduces Mobile Ads API

Amazon has made its move in the high growth area of mobile advertising by introducing a Mobile Ads API. The API is currently in Beta, serves only US consumers and can deliver ads to Android applications running on the entire Kindle range of devices that run the Android OS. In an interesting move that clearly spells that Amazon wants to make its mark in the Advertising pie that is out there, the Ads are not just restricted to Applications running on Kindle devices. Developers are free to use the Amazon Ads API even on Applications that are available from the Google Play Store. The only criteria to meet is that the Android application should be available on the Amazon App Store. For more information, check out the Mobile Ads API developer page.

TweetDeck Apps To Go Offline This Month

TwitterSeveral Devs using the Twitter API have had to discontinue their usage of Twitter API due to breaking changes. It seems that its just not external devs who have to take a decision on continuing to use the older versions of Twitter API. The popular client TweetDeck, that Twitter acquired has decided to retire its entire suite of native client apps on AIR, iPhone and Android which depend on Twitter API version 1.0 that is due to retire this month. The Apps will be removed from their respective App Stores by May and will cease to Function a little after that. The team will focus its efforts on a web version of TweetDeck, which has been under development for more than a year now.

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