Today in APIs: Amazon Cloud Dominance Forces Microsoft, Oracle to Cooperate, and 8 New APIs

Oracle teams with Microsoft in cloud battle against Amazon. Twilio voice operations carry further. Plus: Mulesoft raises another $50 million for cloud API dominance, how APIs connect the world, and 8 new APIs.

Oracle and Microsoft Become Cloud Bedfellows Against Amazon

What is it about those Microsoft competitors whose names start with the letter A? First Apple zoomed past the Redmond giant in terms of market capitalization and coolness factor with its unique offering of software, hardware and services, a strategy that Microsoft swore would never work. Now, Amazon's dominance in cloud services has outdistanced Microsoft to the point that old Softie it is turning archival Oracle for help.

As Jack Clark reports in The Register, Oracle Database, Oracle WebLogic Server, and Java are now available on the Windows Azure cloud, in virtual machine images. Microsoft isn't the only one eating its words, he notes:

Though Oracle chief Larry Ellison spent years Mocking the cloud, its rise and the ensuing commercial success of Amazon Web Services has forced a rethink within the database giant. This has even led to some strange cloud partnerships with bitter rivals, like Microsoft and, also last year, Salesforce.

This deal means that Oracle software on Windows Azure will now be fully supported by Oracle.

Twilio Client’s Global Low Latency Improvements for WebRTC

Twilio has announced an expansion of their Global Low Latency (GLL) architecture at the Enterprise Connect Conference.

The company also upgraded its <Record> tool, stating in a blog post

Recordings can be stored in the cloud, or on-premises, and you can save to your CRM to get the most out of the data. With no limit on how many calls you can record or minutes you can archive, might just be your new favorite call center tool.

Three enhancements are of particular interest: you can now build into conference calls with their API. Recording can start from the first ring or from the answer. And the lead and trailing silence can be trimmed to reduce the size and time of the audio file.

API News You Shouldn’t Miss

8 New APIs

Today we had 8 new APIs added to our API directory including an airline flight information service, a dating features for social sites service, a maritime history search service and a dutch information Resource sharing. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

British AirwaysBritish Airways API: British Airways (BA) is a full service global airline with an extensive global route network based out of the United Kingdom. British Airways offers developers a REST API for the Integration of BA data into third party applications. Current public API offerings include: Flight Time Info, for the latest flight information distributed by BA; Flight Offer, for the latest BA flight offers; and Availability, for hotel, car hire, and package offer information distributed by BA. An API Key is required.

Dating DNADating DNA API: Dating DNA is a dating website. The Dating DNA API provides dating features and services that can be added to social networking sites and internet devices.

Dating DNA API can be used with social networking site apps, like Facebook and Linkedin, as well as chat rooms, personal websites, widgets, classifieds, mobile devices, and other dating sites. Some available features include: one-click compatibility scoring, "fly-by" compatibility scoring, and photo browsing by compatibility.

Museet for SøfartMuseet for Søfart API: Museet for Søfart (M / S) is the Danish Maritime Museum. The M / S search API is for searching Danish maritime history. The API enables users to search multiple databases for Danish seafaring history through a single point of entry.

The functions made available to developers enable extracting data without needing to access the Source Code.

OpenkvkOpenkvk API: Openkvk is a database of information from a handful of resources including (Dutch Chamber of Commerce), (Dutch tax information), and (Supreme Court of the Netherlands).

The API allows access and cross-origin resource sharing of this database.

PlexPlex API: Plex media services provides an interface to organize personal media: movie & tv collections, music Library, photos, home videos, etc. Plex Media Server can be run on multiple devices. Media can be tracked, streamed, shared, and automatically uploaded.

Plex provides APIs to control the runtime environment and access contextual request information. The runtime environment provided by the Framework is where all plug-in code is executed.

SlackSlack API: Slack is a tool for managing team communications. Slack brings together all of a team's messages, files, and posts from Twitter, Dropbox, Trello, Google Docs, GitHub, and other services in one place. Once collected, these materials are archived and indexed so that they can all be searched at once. Native applications are available for iOS and Android devices to give users full access to Slack on the go.

Slack comes with an API that allows users to integrate it with other third-party applications. Some out-of-the-box integrations are provided, but the API provides additional functions above and beyond those. With the Slack API, users can upload an image or file, get a channel's history, set a channel's "unread" marker, retrieve lists of files, and search a Slack instance.

TruliooTrulioo API: Trulioo provides social identity information for businesses to verify their users. It detects spammers, determines legitimate registration, and authenticates users. Supports most major social networks. The API enables global identity verification.

WixWix API: Wix is a web development Platform for users to create Flash and HTML5 websites, mobile sites, and customized Facebook pages. It is cloud-based and utilizes drag and drop tools.

The Wix API gives third party developers enhanced functionality when interacting with the Wix ecosystem. Some features include: standard HTTP response codes for errors, HTTP verbs for resource interaction, and Authentication that is industry-standard for information safety.