Today in APIs: Amazon, foursquare, Facebook and 11 New APIs

Amazon added a case study of the foursquare API and service's use of AWS. Facebook adds new ways to coax users into buying Facebook Credits for your games. Plus: SoundCloud gets an HTML5 widget, legal time-tracking and 11 new APIs.

Amazon Shows Off foursquare

AWS is adding foursquare to its long list of case studies. The location-based social network "saves 53% in costs over self-hosting while maintaining their scalability needs," according to a recent post.

Amazon also highlights a global tax free shopping service. Both companies have been especially impacted by Amazon's latest price reductions.

Free Facebook Credits for New Users

Developers can use a promotion from Facebook to get more paying users in their apps. The new payer promotions gives users a $5 value for only spending $1. And most of that goes directly into your game.

Facebook's blog post has the details:

New Payer Promotions are offers that encourage game players to make a first-time purchase using their credit card or PayPal account. These offers are sponsored by Facebook, and early data shows that about 20% of the users who make that first-time purchase come back to spend more within a month.

Starting today, developers can place these offers inside their games by using a new DealSpot unit that is dedicated to New Payer Promotions. This unit will be visible only to eligible users, and will not be shown to users who have previously paid for virtual goods.

How Lawyers Count Hours

Rocket MatterHow does a lawyer track their time? With technology, of course. The new Rocket Matter API launched with an integration with time tracker Chrometa.

The company's intention comes through in this quote from the press release:

"Rocket Matter is no longer just a product: it's a platform for other software companies to create amazing products for lawyers," says Larry Port, CEO of Rocket Matter. "We wanted our first API integration to be with an incredibly useful, amazing product and forward-thinking company, and found this partner in Chrometa."

In addition to time tracking, Rocket Matter helps attorneys share/store files securely and look up obscure billing codes.

API News You Shouldn't Miss

11 New APIs

Today we had 11 new APIs added to our API directory including an online books marketplace, affiliate marketing network, airline fare aggregator service, cloud storage service, data and marketing services, e-commerce server integration service, mood tracking service, Node.js cloud hosting platform, event ticketing service, sms messaging and fax service and Germain railway information service. Below is more details on each of these new APIs.

AbeBooksAbeBooks API: AbeBooks is an online marketplace for books. The AbeBooks marketplace includes thousands of booksellers around the world selling new, secondhand, rare, and out-of-print books.

The AbeBooks API allows users to search inventory consisting of millions of books. Authorized affiliates can use the service to query the database, and obtain detailed information about any listings. The API allos allows affiliates to add multiple books to basket, search multiple ISBNs, parse by shipping rate or star rating. The service is intended for the exclusive use of affiliates to drive traffic to one of the AbeBooks sites. Developers should contact the provider for more details on the API.

BelboonBelboon API: Belboon is an Affiliate Marketing Network based in Europe. They offer solutions for multi-channel online and mobile performance advertising.

The belboon APIs allow user to automate their affiliate network via their own web sites or applications. The APIs offer a wide range of functionality including the ability to create price comparisons, product search tools, dynamic product advertising material, access all the information from their own Publisher Account, list affiliate programs, individual partnership programs with specific criteria or search specific advertising. The APIs use SOAP protocol and responses are formatted in XML and CSV.

FarelogixFarelogix API: The service provides access to airfares from air carriers by route and date, along with ability to book tickets on selected flights. It also aggregates content related to air travel such as availability of lodging, rental cars, and other amenities. It aims to provide a point-of-sale application for full management of airline reservations and ticketing.

API methods support evaluation of ticketing availability and price for a requested route and date, with reservation and booking capabilities. Price quote methods cover fare rules, connection times, flight mileage, etc.

HP Cloud StorageHP Cloud Storage API: HP Cloud Object Storage offers users online storage. With HP Cloud Object Storage, users can create containers and add objects as needed. Object sizes can be up to 5 GB. The API provides programmatic access to the functionality of the Cloud Object Storage service. With the API developers can build cloud based storage applications. Public documentation of the API is not available.

Infogroup InfoconnectInfogroup Infoconnect API: Infogroup is a data and marketing services company that provides multi-channel digital and offline marketing solutions. Infoconnect is a support center and developer resource for the Infogroup API platform. The Infoconnect API exposes data on companies and people and also allows users to match records stored in the database. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML and JSON.

Kangaroo Commerce ServerKangaroo Commerce Server API: Kangaroo Commerce Server is an eCommerce platform. It includes a shopping cart, content management, email marketing, order processing, customer relations management, invoicing, accounting, inventory management, warehouse features, and more.

Kangaroo Software provides API's in JavaScript, C#, and XML. Their JavaScript API is intended to be the go-to, platform independent interface to the Kangaroo Commerce Server. It supports functions that allow developers make calls to place an item in a shopping cart, manage and process orders, retrieve JSON representations of products, users, baskets, and orders, validate customer data, and dynamically retrieve pieces of HTML. The C# API is provided to assist developers interested in building .NET code extensions compatible with the Commerce Server. Finally, an XML API allows remote access to the server to aid developers in integrating 3rd party applications.

MoodpandaMoodpanda API: MoodPanda is a mood tracking service. Users can rate their happiness, and optionally add a brief comment on what’s influencing their mood. MoodPanda supports a community where users can share their moods. An individual's mood posts are then organized into a mood diary which can be viewed in different ways.

The MoodPanda API exposes some of the data on the site. This data includes average global mood, user data, comments on mood ratings and more. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML or CSV.

NodejitsuNodejitsu API: Nodejitsu is a cloud hosting platform-as-a-service for node.js developers. The platform lets developers host and scale their applications, offers a marketplace for node.js applications and lets developers get training. The API lets developers interact with the Nodejitsu platform programatically. It exposes data on applications, users, databases and more. It uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

TicketCityTicketCity API: TicketCity is a service that both buys and sells tickets for events including sports, theater and concerts. It offers tickets to over 75,000 events in over 28 countries and includes a marketplace of ticket brokers and individual sellers.

The TicketCity API allows affiliates and partners to integrate events and ticket inventory into their website or application. API methods allow users to retrieve data pertaining to: cities, states/provinces, countries, venues, performers, upcoming events and tickets available for sale. The web service also provides the ability to add tickets to a shopping cart. The API uses SOAP protocol and responses are formatted in XML.

YLinkYLink API: YLink supplies communication services to organizations seeking a platform for messaging and teleconferencing, as well as a variety of web services including web design, digital marketing, database systems, and cloud computing.

YLink provides an API for interacting programmatically with their SMS and fax services. Their SMS services include SMS broadcasting, campaign management and execution, and automated SMS's. Fax services provided by YLink include broadcast faxes, desktop integration, mail merging, and automated faxes.

ZugmonitorZugmonitor API: Open Data City specializes in applications involving large data sets. Their Zugmonitor API provides users with information about the trains, status, and train delays in the German Railway system. Information provided includes stations and their characteristics, trains and their properties and mroe. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON. The site and documentation are in German.


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