Today In APIs: Amazon High Memory EC2 instance type, 5 Crucial APIs and 11 New APIs

Amazon announces a High Memory EC2 type for applications that need have high compute, memory and network requirements. A compilation of 5 Crucial APIs to know about. Plus:18 API Business Models deconstructed, optimizing the Netflix API and 11 new APIs.

Amazon adds EC2 for In-Memory Computing

Are you looking at crunching massive amounts of data or planning to run something like SAP HANA in-memory? Amazon Web Services have made available a monstrous instance type named High Memory Cluster Eight Extra Large (cr1.8xlarge) for high memory requirements. The specs include 2 Intel E5-2670 processors, 244 GiB of RAM, 10 Gigabit networking and more. Pricing starts at $3.50 per hour for Linux instances and $3.831 for Windows instances. The instances are currently available for US East (North Virginia) Region with plans for other regions in the future.

5 Crucial APIs to Know About

At ProgrammableWeb, we list over 8000+ public APIs. With APIs becoming mainstream, it could be a challenge at times to select APIs from this large list to work with. Evgeny Popov at has compiled a great list of APIs that emerged out of his research for a talk titled 5 Crucial APIs to know about, that he participated in during DCWEEK 2012. The article compiles a list of utility APIs under 5 categories: Mobile Backend-as-a-Service APIs, Telephony APIs, Email and Communication APIs, OCR \ Text APIs, and Monetization APIs. The APIs have been carefully selected to function as building blocks that you can build your applications on top of.

API News You Won't Want to Miss

11 New APIs

Today we had 11 new APIs added to our API directory including a wholesale clothing manufacturer, a danish business information retrieval service, a multichannel marketing service, an isp connections management service, a casino game distribution platform, an online payment solutions and an ecommerce tool for local retailers. Below is more details on each of these new APIs.

Continental ClothingContinental Clothing API: Continental designs, manufactures, and sells wholesale to the imprintables industry, with a focus on markets such as music merchandise, fashion, corporate promotions, and athletics. The Continental API enables customers to embed live feed data on the entire product range. The API supports both SOAP and HTTP calls, with XML or JSON formatted responses available.

Denmark Central Business Register (CVR)Denmark Central Business Register (CVR) API: The Central Business Register (CVR) contains primary data on all businesses in Denmark, both public and private. The CVR API allows users to access this information programmatically using SOAP calls. The register contains business's names, addresses, industry information, telecommunications data, etc. The CVR includes both active and historic legal entities.

Most portions of the website are provided in both Danish and English, but some are only given in Danish.

E-goiE-goi API: E-goi is a multichannel marketing service integrating Email, SMS, voice, fax and social media. The E-goi API provides developers with REST, SOAP, and XML-RPC interfaces for automating all aspects of E-goi’s marketing services.

EftelEftel API: Eftel is one of Australia's largest Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Their customers come from the residential, small to medium business, and corporate sectors. Eftel's services include ADSL, SHDSL, Fibre, EoC (Ethernet over Copper), web hosting, co-location, IP transit, mobile broadband, mobile phone, and telephony services.

Eftel makes an API available to those of its customers who have an online account. This API provides programmatic means by which users can retrieve logs and error information and administer to their connections and settings.

GameStamper GraphGameStamper Graph API: GameStamper is a casino game distribution platform. Games are set up as iFrame applications and hosted by the developer. GameStamper’s social graph defines the links between members of the GameStamper network relevant objects, including photos, events, pages, and other people. The GameStamper Graph API provides developer access to objects in the social graph. Responses are JSON formatted.

PayWayPayWay API: PayWay, from Westpac, provides web based customer payment collection and management services. The PayWay API allows developers to automate credit card processing, including debiting and crediting funds, pre-authorizations, and queries. This is a SOAP API returning XML formatted data.

SellMateSellMate API: Sellmate is an eCommerce tool allowing local retailers to easily upload their products to search engines and expose those products to local customers using Google Merchant and Google Places. The Sellmate API provides developer access to Sellmate services through a RESTful interface, including access to products, collections, and orders.

Skate IpsumSkate Ipsum API: Skate Ipsum is a lorem ipsum tool that generates skateboarding themed placeholder text. The Skate Ipsum API provides a simple REST interface for generating JSON, plain text, or HTML formatted text. Users can specify the number of paragraphs.

StormzStormz API: Stormz builds collaborative technology empowering employees to collectively tackle corporate challenges. Stormz designs web based workshop sequences for brainstorming and problem solving. The Stormz API provides developer access to Stormz resources including Users, Workshops, and Activities. Data is transmitted over HTTPS and JSON formatted.

The Game CrafterThe Game Crafter API: The Game Crafter is a web-to-print on demand game publishing service. The Game Crafter gives game designers a system to make board games, card games, or custom playing cards. Built to the Wing API protocol, the Game Crafter API provides a RESTful interface for developers to do things like create game uploaders, use the Game Crafter as a private label service, integrate the Game Crafter into outside websites, and create customized interfaces to the shop. All results are JSON formatted.

Transit and TrailsTransit and Trails API: Transit and Trails is a project of the Bay Area’s Open Space Council. The intent of the project is to connect users to parks and open spaces by helping them find, plan, and share outdoor adventures. Users can locate trailheads and find public transit, walking, biking, or driving directions. Users can share plans and invites over multiple channels, and post pictures and text afterwards.
The Transit and Trails API is read-only, providing GET calls over HTTPS, and returns JSON or XML formatted responses.


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