Today in APIs: Amazon S3's Trillions, Facebook App Pages and 13 New APIs

Amazon's simple storage solution, the Amazon S3 API, is growing fast, on . Facebook is getting rid of pages for Facebook apps, which fueled the social network's growth. Plus: find an API developer, try out eight more API consoles and incorporate ads into your mobile apps with Google.

Who Wants to Be a Trillionaire?

Amazon may store one trillion objects in Amazon S3 and it could pass the milestone early in 2012. A recent post from the company says it stores 762 billion objects, up nearly three times the number stored a year ago.

Even with modest growth this year, it will likely pass one trillion objects. If it continues or builds on the growth last year, it could see a trillion in 2012 alone.

Watch for Falling Profile Pages

FacebookFacebook developers had a big heads up about the changes coming to app profile pages, but the deadline is finally here. Starting February 1, Facebook apps will no longer have profile pages. This will simplify how users get to apps. But for developers, it means losing those Likes and profile URLs unless you act today.

Once the crown jewel of the Facebook API, the apps housed within Facebook's site have gone through some changes recently. A year ago Facebook killed FBML, the language the early apps were built in.

For more on migrating your app profile page to a standard Facebook page, see the original announcement post or follow the HyperArts guide.

Google Ads in Your iOS App!?

Google has released an iOS app simply to show developers how to include ads in their apps.

The search giant also made the code available so developers can get up and running quickly.

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  • 13 New APIs

    Today we had 13 new APIs added to our API directory including an SMS gateway service, cloud user management service, German marketplace service, voice recording service, entertainment booking service, music lyrics database, email marketing service, group communication platform, SEO improvement and implementation service, local business discovery platform, Chinese search engine, SMS messaging service and digital gifting platform. Below is more details on each of these new APIs.

    ABTXTABTXT API: ABTXT is an SMS gateway provider allowing clients to use the gateway on their own sites and provide SMS services to their site visitors. The API lets developers access the service programmatically. Methods exposed by the API include sending single/multiple sms messages, check user balance, check delivery status, scheduling messages and more. The API uses HTTP calls.

    Developer Garden Cloud User ManagementDeveloper Garden Cloud User Management API: In addition to their telecom and marketplace API's, Developer Garden provides free to use "labs" API's such as their Cloud User Management web service.

    This API allows developers and providers of Web applications to store user log-in data and profile information in the cloud. When integrated with multiple applications or websites, the Cloud User Management API functions as a single sign-in service for different applications or sites from a common provider. Users can also quickly create an account using a variety of third-party online identification providers, such as Google, Facebook, AOL, OpenID, and Yahoo!.

    Developer Garden Scout24Developer Garden Scout24 API: Developer Garden is a company that creates API's for a variety of German telecom and marketplace organizations. They offer several web services for Scout24 - a hub for German auto, electronic, housing, and other marketplaces

    There are Scout24 API's for auto and housing, as well as a general API for all of their marketplaces. These API's expose methods for searching and retrieving information from the various Scout24 marketplaces. The general Marketplace API uses SOAP, and provides a PHP code generator to assist developers with integration. The AutoScout24 API is available in both REST and SOAP, and includes JAVA, .NET, PHP, and Objective C SDK's. The housing API (ImmobilienScout24) uses SOAP as its protocol and, like the other Scout24 web services, is free to use.

    Developer Garden Voice RecordDeveloper Garden Voice Record API: Developer Garden is a German company that creates a variety of telecommunications and marketplace API's. They also produce freely available "labs" API's, including Voice Record - a web service designed to establish a connection within German telecommunication networks, and then allow the called number to record a voice message that will be stored in the cloud for later use.

    The API allows these messages to be recorded in MP3 or WAV formats. Recorded audio files can be downloaded later, integrated with and played via applications or websites, or deleted. Up to 30 minutes of audio can be recorded at a time, and audio is immediately accessible after recording. Parameters for creating a recording include establishing a maximum recording time, integrating a message that is played if the callee is not speaking loud enough, setting up welcome and goodbye messages, and establishing an automated start time (within 24 hours) for the call to start. This API is available via REST and SOAP, though the REST documentation is much more thorough.

    GigMastersGigMasters API: GigMasters is an online booking service for entertainers and performers. Users can book entertainment for their events and parties with GigMasters. GigMasters lists entertainers and performers from a variety of genres and styles.

    The GigMasters API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality and data from GigMasters with other applications. Some example API methods include searching and retrieving entertainers by location and category, access vendor press kits, and contact vendors. Public documentation is not available; interested developers should email for an API key.

    LyricFindLyricFind API: LyricFind provides a legal music lyrics service. LyricFind has licensing from over 2,000 music publishers, including the four majors – EMI Music Publishing, Universal Music Publishing Group, Warner/Chappell Music Publishing, and Sony/ATV Music Publishing – as well as a database of those lyrics available for licensing.

    The LyricFind Web Service v2.0 has five APIs, available in basic and premium versions. The premium version incorporates Rovi’s All Music Guide data access, providing search and display capabilities. Functionality offered by the API includes lyric search, lyric display, access to track level metadata, charts for data across LyricFind, and lyric submission. Data can be formatted in both XML and JSON. Full documentation is not publicly available, interested developers can contact for more information.

    Lyris HQ EmailLyris HQ Email API: Lyris HQ is a hosted email marketing service for managing campaigns. The service lets users write email messages, create segments, edit lists, manage landing pages, track Web analytics and view reports. The API lets users access the service programmatically. Common uses of the API include synchronizing and centralizing data from in house CRMs and databases, automating the creation and delivery of newsletters and other messaging, and private label branding. The API uses HTTP calls and responses are formatted in XML. Full documentation is not publicly available.

    SazneoSazneo API: Sazneo is an online and mobile platform for real-time group communication. Sazneo also integrates with SharePoint and other applications. Users can manage projects and topics and have group discussions about projects and issues.

    The Sazneo API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Sazneo with other applications. Public documentation is not available; interested developers should sign up here:

    SEO EngineSEO Engine API: SEO Engine is a search engine that helps users become more efficient in their SEO implementation. SEO Engine lets users see what penalties, errors, and warnings their web sites are generating and how to fix them. The SEO Engine API gives developers the ability to create a customized interface around the SEO Engine data. Methods available include webpage, customer, market focus data, link listing and more. The API uses HTTP calls and responses are formatted in XML.

    SinglePlatformSinglePlatform API: SinglePlatform is a service to help local businesses get discovered by marketing their storefronts online. Their services help business owners manage their online presence and via digital communications through online publishers, review sites, city guides, and mobile applications. The API allows developers to integrate the service into their own web sites and applications. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are in JSON. Full documentation is not publicly available.

    Sogou Search MarketingSogou Search Marketing API: Sogou is a Chinese search engine with an index of 10 billion web pages. It can be used to search text, images, music and maps. The Sogou Search Marketing API is a suite of services that let developers interact with the Sogou servers programmatically. Developers can use the API to build applications that manager their online marketing accounts. Users must register for the service and approval is based on meeting outlined qualifications. The API uses SOAP protocol and responses are formatted in XML.

    SUMOTEXT SMS GatewaySUMOTEXT SMS Gateway API: SUMOTEXT is an SMS marketing service provider that allow companies to control their text message marketing, SMS alerts and short code notifications. The SMS Gateway API lets users send and receive SMS from their web sites and applications through the use of short codes. Coverage includes the U.S., Canada and over 800 carriers in over 200 countries. The API uses HTTP calls. Developers can call to request API documentation.

    Transaction WirelessTransaction Wireless API: Transaction Wireless is a provider of digital gifting provider for retailers offering B2B and B2C gift card programs, loyalty incentives and marketing solutions. The Transaction Wireless API is a suite of services that offer clients the ability to integrate the cloud based platform with existing gift card programs or third party applications. Developers should contact the provider for more information and full documentation.


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