Today in APIs: API and Smart Home Glitches

APIs and Smart Homes could create a domestic disturbance. Nexmo partners with China's 21Vianet. Plus: Baker & Taylor integrates Axis 360 Digital Circulation Platform, and Amazon blows cloud competition away.

Integration Fights Come to the Smart Home

The quest to build one app that controls every device in the smart home is on, hampered by constant change in those gizmos. Various app makers are unofficially using APIs to control devices like Nest's thermostat or Dropcam's IP camera.

One worry is that it may not be secure. As Stacey Higginbotham reports in Gigaom, these incompatibilities will create glitches and delays while app creators scramble to keep pace with changes:

And as someone who has been playing with smart hubs for almost a year, I will say the experience is not one the average consumer will embrace. It’s time consuming, glitchy and tough to implement, with a payoff that’s fun but doesn’t add copious amounts of convenience. I think one day it will, but we are not there yet.

Insteon, for example, has been hampered by a lack of an API for Nest's thermostat, something Nest promises is on the way. And Dropcam isn't promoting the integration of its camera with SmartThings, at least for now.

Nexmo Partners with 21Vianet to Deliver Cloud-Based Communication Services

Nexmo, a company that specializes in cloud communication services, has partnered with China's largest carrier-neutral data services provider, 21Vianet to provide cloud-based APIs.

As Nexmo commented,

Under the partnership, Nexmo will have access to 21Vianet's domestic business-to-business sales resources, which include a significant potential customer pool in China. In addition to its nationwide sales force, 21Vianet will combine its high-quality infrastructure with Nexmo's best-in-class cloud communication platform and technical support. 21Vianet recently obtained its 4G telecom license in Hong Kong and is in the process of expanding its coverage in Asia, which contribute to the company's communications scale in China.

The two companies also plan a regional cloud telecom platform. It will be available as a bundle for 21Vianet customers, to be launched this summer. For more information, check out ProgrammableWeb's full coverage

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