Today In APIs: API Management, Developer Conferences and 15 New APIs

API Management companies announce new products. A Hackathon and Developer Confrence with free tickets and discount up for grabs. Plus Wiretap, a tool to help debug your REST API is looking for beta testers, Google App Engine on upgrading to Python 2.7 and 15 New APIs

API Management Tools

API Management Providers are making a big push towards helping developers manage their API and also providing a Platform to API enable legacy applications. One such solution is a partnership between Mashery and Intel, that announced the Intel Expressway API Manager, a tool that combines a cloud-based API sharing Portal with on-premise gateway software, thereby allowing legacy applications to be exposed via a secure and manageable API. SOA Software, a provider of Enterprise API Management tools announced SOA Software Open, a community platform that brings together API Providers and Developers. API Providers can scale and manage their API across millions of transactions while promoting it to a developer community.

DeveloperWeek Hackathon and Kings of Code

Developers do not want to miss the great deals available on two top developer conferences. First up is The DeveloperWeek Hackathon, a 28-hour app-building contest in downtown San Francisco also the official kick-off of DeveloperWeek 2013. Tickets to the Event are free for the next 24 hours. So hurry up. Kings of Code is a 4-day Developer Conference in Amsterdam from December 1-4. We are happy to help you get almost 50% of the cost for the 1-Day Conference pass on December 3. Simply click the Promocode link to avail of your discount.

API News You Shouldn't Miss

15 New APIs

Today we had 15 new APIs added to our API directory including a multiple advertising system management service, an online appointments and scheduling service, an online advertising service, a developer tools for social communications, a federal grant application submission service, a backdrop images and wallpapers, a european parliament voting data and an interactive global coverage map solutions. Below is more details on each of these new APIs.

Pollstar API: Keeping Music Fans In The Know

Ad-JusterAd-Juster API: Ad-Juster is an online service for consolidating the user's advertising-related services and information in one convenient location. Data can be collected and stored from both local and 3rd party ad servers, covering the full rage of advertising methods. Ad-Juster was designed for Integration with other systems and services using a SOAP API. Access to the API Documentation requires either sign-up or an email to the provider. API: The service provides scheduling, appointment setting, and calendar building. It is especially useful for service providers and businesses that rely heavily on timing of client interactions.

API methods support defining service availability dates and times and booking time slots for specific customers or clients. Methods also support creating and updating client accounts, search to identify available appointment times, service providers, and assignment of service categories with their own time slots and requirements.

Cactus MediaCactus Media API: The service matches advertising to content posted by site publishers for topical connections likely to appeal to site visitors. It helps to target appeals to potential customers with probable interest to help provide qualified sales leads based on content that users choose to access. In this way, it improves accuracy and efficiency of marketing and promotions efforts.

API methods support definition of promotional offers by title, price, product type, and other descriptions. Methods also support identification of potential sales leads based on content type, which allows matching of offers to leads.

EmbarkeEmbarke API: Embarke provides developer tools for social communications, delivering a Back-end conversation platform capable of powering multiple communication platforms, allowing companies to focus on their products. The Embarke REST API exposes six resources: users, networks, accounts, conversations, messages, and contacts. API: The website provides an online portal where visitors may search and apply for federal grants offered by any federal agency. provides system-to-system interoperability in the form of a SOAP API. It provides an automated method for submitting grant applications and is only recommended for applicants submitting a high volume of applications. The API streamlines the application process by eliminating the need to reenter repetitious data on multiple individual application forms.

Home Theater BackdropsHome Theater Backdrops API: Home Theater Backdrops provides community sourced backdrop images and wallpapers for use in media management systems such as XBMC, MeedIO, and MediaPortal. The Home Theater Backdrops API provides developer access to the image database, allowing image search and download calls.

It's Your Parliament EU DataIt's Your Parliament EU Data API: It’s Your Parliament provides an overview of the votes cast in the European Parliament, including voting records of individuals and political groups. The It’s Your Parliament EU Data API provides free developer access to XML structured voting records dating from 2004.

Mosaik Solutions CellmapsMosaik Solutions Cellmaps API: Mosaik Solutions, formerly American Roamer, provides a range of geospatial and map design solutions including CellMaps, an interactive global coverage map service. The Mosaik CellMaps API exposes data formatted as XML or JSON via REST techniques.

NeighborlandNeighborland API: Neighborland provides neighborhood organizations, economic development groups, municipalities, and residents with a platform to connect, share and gather support for ideas, identify neighborhood goals, and turn ideas into action.
Neighborland invites developers to build apps using their RESTful API. Responses are JSON formatted

PollstarPollstar API: Pollstar is a trade publication covering the concert industry worldwide. Pollstar offers a weekly print magazine, a subscription site for professionals, and a free site for live music fans. Pollstar’s public API allows developers to display Pollstar data on websites or within applications. The API supports both SOAP and HTTP calls.

Pro6PPPro6PP API: Pro6PP is a postcode database provided by d-centralize, a Dutch software company. A collection of SOAP-based calls enable users to find nearby postcodes, get auto-complete suggestions for place names or streets, and suggest new data offerings for the database. Services still in beta enable reverse geocoding and downloading of the entire database.

The d-centralize website is provided primarily in Dutch with some parts available in English.

SC2RanksSC2Ranks API: SC2Ranks, part of the ZAM Network, provides statistics for Starcraft 2 players over the network. The SC2Ranks API is an unofficial RESTful service, allowing developers to easily retrieve data, including user profiles, character information, portraits, and team and division data.

SmotriSmotri API: is a streaming video site that allows users to upload video files. The API provides a RESTful interface for uploading or downloading videos, searching for files, authenticating users, pulling lists of related videos, or accessing video metadata. Results are returned in JSON or XML format.

TrainingPeaksTrainingPeaks API: TrainingPeaks provides training and nutrition software for athletes and coaches, including web-based products. The TrainingPeaks SOAP API allows developers to automate a number of functions, including managing users and user workouts, uploading athlete data, and data retrieval.

VERISIGN DomainScoreVERISIGN DomainScore API: DomainScore is a free tool from Verisign Inc designed to complement domain pre-registration evaluation. The Verisign DomainScore API provides an HTTP interface to the DomainScore data. Results are returned in JSON or XML format.