Today in APIs: API Management for Healthcare, Bid Adjustments in Adwords API, and 21 New APIs

API Management for Healthcare. Enhanced Campaigns features ad Group mobile bid adjustments in Adwords API. Plus: an API for We the People, 12 APIs every programmer should know about, and 21 new APIs.

Intel and Healthcare API Management

In Intel's Application Security Blog, Wendy Bohner, who works on Interface Integration at Intel for Application Security and Identity Products, asks a simple but tricky question: how do you make clinical data accessible so that companies can use it, while also protecting privacy?

The answer to the first part is simple and will surprise no one who reads Programmableweb: create a ton of APIs. The answer to the security question might also be as easy, thanks to Intel, Bohner writes:

" must be protected from hackers and made available only to authorized users. Intel’s API Management solution can secure services, provide threat defense, IaaS cloud scalability, Authentication/authorization, data translation and high performance for RESTful APIs access. Intel is working with public health providers to expose patient data. Intel Expressway Service Gateway brokers the user registration process a third party identity provider (IdP). OAuth tokens ensure that communication with the IdP is authorized. The IdP generates SAML assertions for NYeC to use to secure subsequent transactions containing patient information. NYeC’s drive to expose the data is an exciting process to see in motion."

She adds the criteria that must be followed are: adhere to the healthcare information exchange (HIE) standards, and keep exposed data secure.

Bid Adjustments now in Adwords API

Ad group-level mobile bids for enhanced campaigns have arrived, Google has announced. According to Ginny Marvin at Search Engine Land, the Adwords API now makes Ad Group Mobile bid adjustments available,

"This is a fairly substantial modification. Currently mobile bids can only be set at the campaign level in enhanced campaigns. It is unclear if this change is in reaction to advertiser feedback or if this was a planned change."

The point, of course, is to provide campaigns with more fine-grained controls. Developers should access the AdGroupBidModifierService for more information.

API News You Shouldn't Miss

21 New APIs

Today we had 21 new APIs added to our API directory including a stock trading service, an api Resource website & service, a cloud-based game development Platform, an application backend-as-a-service, a stock trading service, a cloud workload processing service and a cloud based application hosting. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

360T360T API: 360T is a Germany based online trading platform that serves both buy and sell-side individuals including institutional clients as well as national and multinational corporate treasuries. The 360T API allows users to upload trades directly from a third-party system or automate trade and data requests. Users can also receive real-time data Feed, submit trade requests, and receive automated confirmation of trade activity. An account with service is required.

API EvangelistAPI Evangelist API: API Evangelist is an online resource and blog about APIs, the API industry, API trends, and everything else APIs.

The API Evangelist API allows developers to access and integrate the content of API Evangelist with other applications. Some example API methods include retrieving APIs and API providers, searching and adding events, and retrieving blog posts from the website's blog.

AzukkiAzukki API: Azukki is a cloud-based platform that serves as a backend for online games. It offers functions for the creation and management of items, in-game currencies, and leaderboards for any metric and over any timeframe. Azukki also provides a way to keep players' information synchronized when they move between devices and platforms. The RESTful Azukki API uses JSON-formatted calls and makes the platform accessible for integration.

Corona CloudCorona Cloud API: Corona Cloud by Corona Labs is a backend-as-a-service (BAAS) provider for applications. Corona Cloud enables users and developers to use Corona Cloud to create, build, and manage applications.

The Corona Cloud API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Corona Cloud with other applications and to create new applications. Some example API methods include user authentication, retrieving user information, managing account information, and managing push notifications.

FinotecFinotec API: Finotec is a London-based forex broker that that offers electronic trading, voice trading, and deliverable forex, on the FinotecPro and MT4 trading systems. The Finotec API gives users access to more than 20 bank feeds, a high-speed, multi-bank FIX gateway, and many other features. An account is required with service.

GreenButton CloudGreenButton Cloud API: GreenButton is a New Zealand based company that helps software vendors transition applications to the cloud. With their platform, developers can scale our their compute-intensive applications to the cloud. The Cloud API lets developers control the way their workloads are processed in the cloud including how workloads should be split across nodes and how to process different subtasks.

GreenButton ManagementGreenButton Management API: GreenButton is a New Zealand based company that helps software vendors transition applications to the cloud. With their platform, developers can scale our their compute-intensive applications to the cloud. The Management API allows developers to integrate GreenButton into their applications. It offers features such as looking up job status, getting job logs, uploading files and more. It uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML and JSON.

IMNIMN API: The IMN (Instituto Meteorológico Nacional) is the scientific body responsible for the coordination of all meteorological activities in Costa Rica. It systematically monitors the weather in order to promote the safety of air navigation and prevent hydrometeorological disasters.

The IMN API provides users with programmatic means for getting the current weather as well as near and long-term forecasts for cities or regions within Costa Rica. The website and the API Documentation are given only in Spanish. API: is a service that allows users to find data sources on the web for extraction, use, connect to, and remix the data for websites and applications.

The API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of with other applications. Some example API methods include retrieving data, importing data, extracting data, and managing account information.

InTradeInTrade API: InTrade is a prediction market that allows users to buy or sell shares in future events. The service creates a market for events ranging from closing prices on exchanges, to the outcomes of elections. The InTrade API has a data retrieval side and a Trading side. With the former the user can check present and historic market data on events. With the latter, the user can check individual data, enter orders, check account balances, and other trading related functions. The API uses REST calls and returns XML data with no wrappers.

Knight Hotspot FXKnight Hotspot FX API: Knight Hotspot FX is an online trading platform that offers a matching engine and all related systems to provide trade executions, confirmations, and real-time trade information. The Knight Hotspot FX API allows market data snapshots using its Java API and its FIX Bookfeed API, as well as allowing users to execute trades and post-trade information calls. An account is required with service.

Lasso 9 Reference LibraryLasso 9 Reference Library API: The Lasso development platform is designed to support custom, data-driven websites by bridging the gap between popular web servers, data sources, and various other communication tools and protocols. Lasso is downloadable software available for MacOS X, Windows, and Linux operating systems.

The contents of the reference Library for Lasso 9 are available online and can be accessed programmatically using REST calls, which retrieve the information in JSON format. This allows information from the Lasso 9 Reference Library to be used in other applications.

Palma ResortPalma Resort API: Palma Resort is a Danish-owned company that Builds home and rental properties with modern architectural designs and styles near the Red Sea and in Western Egypt. The Palma Resort website has a SOAP API that can be used to access most of the website's functions. These include retrieving apartment details, getting recent news, and contacting Palma Resort.

PeerIndexPeerIndex API: PeerIndex is a social media analytics company that is building the Influence Graph: who influences whom in which topics across the social platforms. The PeerIndex API provides programmatic access to our data, allowing developers to integrate PeerIndex's Influence Graph into their applications and analytics platforms.

Perfect AudiencePerfect Audience API: Perfect Audience is an advertising and marketing tool for brands. Perfect Audience allows users to target potential and lost customers through the web and Facebook.

The Perfect Audience API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Perfect Audience with other applications. Some example API methods include retrieving tracking information, retrieving reports, and managing account information.

RollbarRollbar API: Rollbar is an error tracking service for websites and applications built on Ruby, Phython, PHP, Node.js, JavaScript, and/or Flash. Rollbar provides users with real-time error tracking and error reporting.

The Rollbar API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Rollbar with other applications. Some example API methods include retrieving errors, retrieving reports, and managing account information.

SecureTradingSecureTrading API: SecureTrading is a UK based online secure payment service that processes billions of dollars annually. The SecureTrading API allows users to automate refunds and authorization reversals and control settlement schedules. Users can also integrate a payment service into back-office or legacy system. The API uses REST protocols and returns XML.

TransactionPointTransactionPoint API: TransactionPoint is a real estate transaction management platform that helps manage the documents, contacts, service orders, and tasks involved in a real estate transaction. To this end, it provides advanced automation, a secure document repository, and a comprehensive audit trail that tracks tasks, documents, faxes, and emails for a complete history of the transaction. TransactionPoint can be accessed anytime, anywhere via web interface. Users may also create and update transactions via SOAP API.

Troop IDTroop ID API: Troop ID is a service that provides digital cards for military troops and veterans of military service. Troop ID partners with merchants and service providers to offer military personnel and veterans with special discounts, sales, and offers.

The Troop ID API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Troop ID with other applications and to create new applications. Some example API methods include creating an application, verifying Troop IDs, and retrieving information on Troop IDs.

WortschatzWortschatz API: Wortschatz (trans. Vocabulary) is a collection of German-language linguistics services hosted by Leipzig University. These services provide extensive information pertaining to individual words, such as the lemmatized (base) form of the word, sample sentences using the word, usage frequency, synonyms, contextually similar words, and co-occurrences with other words. Wortschatz also provides services for working with word patterns and n-grams.

These functions are all accessible using the Wortschatz SOAP APIs. The Wortschatz website and API documentation are given in German.

zKillboardzKillboard API: zKillboard (zKB) is a killboard service for Eve Online, a science-fiction MMORPG. The zKB website enables players to post their kills for others to see. Visitors can compare players based on the number of kills they've made or the ratio of their kills to losses on a ranking board. The zKB API allows developers and game enthusiasts to integrate zKB into their website or application.