Today in APIs: API Strategy and Practice Conference adds New Speakers and 11 New APIs

The API Strategy and Practice Conference announced five new speakers that will be featured in this years events. Plus: don't tell them its REST, the coexistence of SOA and APIs, and 11 new APIs.

API Strategy and Practice Conference adds Five New Speakers

Just last month ProgrammableWeb’s Janet Wagner wrote a post that announced the second API Strategy and Practice Conference. Her post highlighted six of the speakers that would be featured at the conference. Today the conference announced new sponsors as well as five new speakers:

  • Adam Duvander (Developer Communications Director at Sendgrid and Contributing Editor of ProgrammableWeb)
  • Bryan Helmig (Co-founder of Zapier)
  • Ilya Sukhar (Co-founder of Parse)
  • Jon Moore (Chief Engineer at Comcast Interactive Media)
  • Ole Lensmar (Chief Architect at SmartBear Software)

API News You Shouldn't Miss

11 New APIs

Today we had 11 new APIs added to our API directory including a youth basketball tournament management tools, a face detection and recognition service, a predictive customer analytics service, a european luxury auction site, a calendar of school events and a uk local government open data service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

Exposure Basketball TournamentsExposure Basketball Tournaments API: Exposure Basketball Tournaments provides youth basketball tournament management tools, including features such as online registration and payment, pool generation, bracket design, scheduling, and an event dashboard.
The Exposure Basketball Tournaments API exposes the Platform’s full functionality allowing applications to add, retrieve, delete, or otherwise manage resources. Responses may be JSON or XML format.

Eyedea Facedetector Eyedea Facedetector API: Eyedea is a research and technology company specializing in high-end computer vision solutions. Eyedea provides software routines for object detection and object recognition based on customer specifications and research results.

Eyedea offers an API for face detection. Use the service to detect gender, age and identity. Photos can be uploaded directly in the API Request. The API uses a REST-like interface and responses are returned in JSON, YAML or XML formats.

FuturelyticsFuturelytics API: Futurelytics is a cloud-based predictive analytics platform for monetizing customer behavior. Futurelytics archives data from multiple sources allowing you to quantify the value of existing customers, discover new customer segments for targeted campaigns, define your own customer segments based on behavioral data, and use predefined segments in your marketing automation.

Futurelytics offers a RESTful API for real-time information about customers and their behavior. Use the Futurelytics API to add predictive and analytical features to your applications. Responses are formatted in JSON.

LauritzLauritz API: Lauritz is a northern European auction site for art, antiques, home furnishings, and luxury items. All site visitors are free to view items up for bid, but only users registered with the site can bid on items. The Lauritz API provides users with access to general information on available items using read-only methods.

Newcastle Public Schools Workspace CalendarNewcastle Public Schools Workspace Calendar API: The Newcastle Public Schools website hosts information on the school district of Newcastle, Oklahoma. Among other things, the site provides a calendar of all of the major school events for the year. This calendar can be accessed directly through the website or programmatically via SOAP API. Users can employ the API to retrieve or export events from the calendar.

OpendatacommunitiesOpendatacommunities API: OpenDataCommunities is the platform for the UK Department for Communities and Local Government's official Linked Open Data. Statistics are made available across many categories including Local Government finance, housing and homelessness, wellbeing, deprivation, and the department's business plan as well as supporting geographical data. The API gives developers access to this data and responses can be formatted in XML, JSON, Turtle, n-triples and HTML.

Oregon Metro RLISOregon Metro RLIS API: The Regional Land Information System (RLIS) is a GIS dataset from Oregon Metro, the elected regional government for the Portland metropolitan area. RLIS delivers more than 100 GIS map layers for the region.
Oregon Metro exposes the RLIS data through a RESTful API intended for regional developers in need of geocoding functionality or data describing a given address. The API has two modes: locate and query. Accepted input types include addresses, intersections, POIs, taxlot IDs, zipcodes, and coordinates. The API returns JSON or XML formatted responses.

Riverside Township High School Workspace CalendarRiverside Township High School Workspace Calendar API: The Riverside Township High School located in Riverside, New Jersey has a website that, among other things, provides a calendar that covers all of the major school events for the year. This calendar can be accessed directly on the website or programmatically via SOAP API. Users can employ the API to retrieve or export events from the calendar.

TekEgyTekEgy API: TekEgy is a bulk SMS service. Although the company offering the service is Egyptian, the website is provided entirely in English. Users can send bulk SMS using a web browser, a desktop interface, or any of several API methods. The available APIs are all suited to different types of use and include REST, SMPP, SMTP, and SOAP.

Transporeon Currency ConversionTransporeon Currency Conversion API: Transporeon is a web-based platform designed to handle transport logistics for industrial and trading companies. One service that Transporeon provides to its users is a currency conversion API. This API can either return the conversion rate for two currencies or perform a conversion from one currency to another. This service is accessible using SOAP calls issued in XML format.

TumbzTumbz API: Tumbz is a recommendation site that helps you discover music, movies and books based on the opinions of people whose tastes you respect. Get charts and product suggestions based on other users with interests matching yours.

Tumbz offers their services via a RESTful. API resources include comments, likes, partner books lookup, partners tv shows lookup, products, products search, reviews, users, users search, and users suggestions. The API follows basic REST principles and responses are sent in JSON or XML. An API Key is required.