Today In APIs: API Strategy Conference, Google Maps Enables Natural Geography Views, AWS Storage Gateway and 12 New APIs

API Strategy Conference in New York has been postponed due to Sandy. Google Maps gets natural geography support. Plus Amazon Storage Gateway moves out of Beta, RapLeaf fall hackweek kick-off and 12 New APIs.

API Strategy Conference postponed

The API Strategy Conference scheduled to be held on November 1 & 2 in New York City has been postponed due to the weather situation in the city. The event will be rescheduled at a later date.

Google Maps API enables better view of natural geography

Google MapsGoogle Maps has announced support in the Basemap for showing terrain, color gradations to depict vegetation, and labels for natural land formations.  This enriched visual data allows you to quickly and easily see where the great forests, deserts, and mountain ranges start and end. The support has been enabled in the Google Maps API to allow developers to style them via two selectors: landscape.natural.landcover and landscape.natural.terrain.

AWS Storage Gateway now generally available

AWS Storage Gateway, a service that connects on-premises iSCSI volume storage (Gateway-Stored volumes), with snapshot backups to the Amazon S3 has come out of beta and is now generally available. The service has been enhanced to include Gateway-Cached volumes, which means that your storage volume data is stored encrypted in Amazon S3, visible within your enterprise's network via an iSCSI interface.  Any recently accessed data is cached on-premises.

API News You Shouldn't Miss

12 New APIs

Today we had 12 new APIs added to our API directory including a webmail service, a bitcoin payment service, a vehicle data collection service, a location specific marketing service, a realtime irish train data, a medical records technology service, a URL shortener with security features, a web analytics service and a server and coud hosting service. Below is more details on each of these new APIs.

AtMailAtMail API: Atmail offers an email, calendat, contacts, and communication service. The linux based service can integrate with Outlook and other mail services and offers advanced messaging and collaboration features. The Atmail API facilitates adding, modifying, deleting user accounts, domains, admins and more from the Atmail service. The service uses REST protocols and will return XML and JSON.

BitPay Payment GatewayBitPay Payment Gateway API: Bitpay is an online payment service that uses bitcoins. Users can submit orders in over 30 currencies, display payment instructions, receive payment notifications, and receive payouts to banks in 9 countries. The BitPay API allows users to create an invoice, Fetch an invoice status, and receive invoice status updates. The service uses REST calls and will return JSON. SSL and an API keys are used for Authentication.

CarmalinkCarmalink API: Carmasys provides an engine monitoring system that can be installed into a users vehicle. This collects engine data as the user drives and stores it for later analysis. The Carmalink API allows users to build collected data into applications. The API uses REST calls and uses SSL for security.

ForWhereIAmForWhereIAm API: ForWhereIAm is a real-time, localized, short-lived information service that notifies users of announcements and deals based on where they are and what they are in the proximity of. The ForWhereIAm API allows the retrieval and rating of announcements being made by your business for a user's location. The API is available in a client-side flow or a server-side flow using JavaScript or a variety of programming languages.

Irish Rail RealtimeIrish Rail Realtime API: Irish Rail is Ireland’s national railway operator, providing passenger and freight rail services. The Irish Rail Realtime API provides realtime station and train data including estimation of train times based on current train location. This is a REST API returning XML formatted data.

mrecordmrecord API: mrecord is a medical records technology provider that facilitates the creation interaction, and management of medical records. The API allows users to integrate with billing, scheduling, or health information systems, Interface with appointment reminder systems and mobile application service providers, create unique programs to import data, and perform many other tasks. API: is a URL shortener focused on providing security and transparency. The Proofeditors REST API allows developers to automate shortening and expanding URLs, and tracking short links. Available result formats include JSON, JSONP, XML, or plain text. API: provides web analytics focused on user segmentation. The API provides a RESTful interface for two simple methods: identifying users and tracking user events. Results are returned in JSON format.

SingleHopSingleHop API: SingleHop is a server and cloud hosting service. They offer dedicated servers, private and public cloud hosting, and an array of managed hosting services. The SingleHop API enables users to build applications to interact and exchange data with the server management, ticketing, and billing systems. The API uses REST calls and will return JSON. The service requires an account and an API Key for access and features over 150 API calls.

TripleseatTripleseat API: Tripleseat is a web-based event planning and booking service for venues and their customers. The Tripleseat API provides a RESTful interface for developers to create, update, and delete data on their Tripleseat account. Results are returned in either JSON or XML format.

UserCluesUserClues API: The UserClues Platform enables customers to monitor and measure user activity, with a focus on user engagement and behavior. The UserClues API provides developers with a RESTful interface to the data reported from their application and users to UserClues.

xbrlGlobalLedgerxbrlGlobalLedger API: xbrlGlobalLedger is the developer side of FreeAccountingSoftware. The site provides free accounting software to individuals and business along with free support from actual accountants. The API provides applications with the ability to post accounting information and retrieve xbrl data. Additional features include importing schema data, performing admin functions, and generating XML reporting data such as financial reports. The API uses REST calls, returns XML, and requires OAuth for authentication.