Today in APIs: API Strategy & Practice Conference Announces Event Tracks & Topics, and 2 New APIs

The API Strategy & Practice Conference has announced event tracks, topics, event sponsors, and speakers for its upcoming March event to take place in Amsterdam. Plus, CloudACL launches safe browsing and security SDK/ API and 2 new APIs.

API Strategy & Practice Conference Announces More Event Details.

The API Strategy & Practice Conference, scheduled for March 26-28 in Amsterdam, has announced three event tracks: API Provider, API by Industry Track, and API Consumer. Additionally, the conference announced one gold sponsor (WSO2) and two silver sponsors (Mulesoft and Pearson). Speakers from a host of API juggernauts will present:, Etsy, Deezer, JustGiving, Mulesoft, Twilio, WSO2 and more.

Kin Lane of API Evangelist (co-organizer of the event) commented:

"The API Economy is here. It holds a lot of promise -- but it's early in the game, and can be overwhelming to face decisions on strategy, business models, and technical considerations....Having such a strong community of key players is incredibly valuable and exciting, and we're very pleased with how the program has come together."

Register before February 21st to take advantage of the early bird discount.

APIs You Shouldn't Miss

2 New APIs

Today we had 2 new APIs added to our API directory including a financial transaction authorization service and a voice chat service. Below are more details on both of these new APIs.

BlueTarp Authorization API: BlueTarp Financial is a financial services company dedicated to serving building supply dealers in the U.S. BlueTarp provides a transaction authorization API that developers can integrate into their own websites or systems in order to support transaction processing through BlueTarp. Supported transactions may include sale, credit, void, deposit hold, and deposit collection transactions.

Plivo Voice ChatPlivo Voice Chat API: Plivo Voice Chat is a free, open-source audio conferencing service. To get started, users simply create a conference room, invite others to the URL provided, and begin talking. Conference rooms are automatically shut down after 24 hours. Users may create conference rooms programmatically using the Voice Chat REST API.