Today in APIs: API World Conference and Expo Registration, AnyPresence Meta-API and 10 New APIs

Early registration for the API World Conference and Expo is ending soon. AnyPresence has launched a Platform that enables Integration of mobile app building tools. Plus: Social recommendations API from Jinni and 10 new APIs.

Registration for API World Conference and Expo is Available at Early Pricing

The API World Conference and Expo, a part of DataWeek 2013, is open for registration. DataWeek will take place in San Francisco and run from September 28th to October 3rd; API World will be featured on October 2nd and 3rd. ProgrammableWeb founder, John Musser, will be one of 50+ speakers that will address the community. You can register now at a discounted rate.

AnyPresence Launches a Meta-API Platform

AnyPresence, a mobile backend-as-a-service, has announced the release of a Meta-Platform that will enable businesses to add mobile app development to their existing solutions. The service provides “ app templates that include pre-built integration, functionality, and instant cloud hosting through a custom Developer Portal powered by the AnyPresence app builder API,” said Anirban Chakrabarti, CEO and Co-Founder of AnyPresence.

API News You Shouldn't Miss

10 New APIs

Today we had 10 new APIs added to our API directory including a helsinki geocoding services, a software collaboration platform, a bitcoin mining pool information service, a monetize on kodak global retail printing service and a domain name services provider. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

City of Helsinki GeocoderCity of Helsinki Geocoder API: The City of Helsinki provides a Geocoder API that allows users to access geospatial information relevant to the Helsinki metropolitan area. This API uses REST calls issued in JSON format to give developers access to its functions. Currently, it offers functions for converting from addresses to coordinates, converting from coordinates to addresses, searching for points of interest, and looking up city plans and districts. A demo portal is provided so that users can try the service out on the website.

City of Helsinki Listed EventsCity of Helsinki Listed Events API: The Listed Events service provides information on events and places of interest in the Helsinki capital region. This service takes its data from, which is the city of Helsinki’s official website for tourism and travel information.

The Listed Events API provides programmatic access to the categories, events, and places contained in this service via REST calls. The Listed Events service is available in Finnish, English, and Swedish.

City of Helsinki Open AhjoCity of Helsinki Open Ahjo API: Open Ahjo is a service for accessing decision-making materials for the City of Helsinki. The service focuses on materials related to political decision-makers such as committees, the city board, and the city council. This year, data from non-political civil servants involved in decision-making are also expected to be made available.

All accessible data is provided in zipped XML files, though the REST calls used to retrieve the data are issued in JSON. The ZIP data files also contain other types of files, usually PDFs.

City of Helsinki Service MapCity of Helsinki Service Map API: The City of Helsinki Service Map provides an overview of groups capable of providing useful information and services to people in Helsinki, along with data on the connections between those groups. The Service Map REST API allows users to retrieve information on organizations, departments, units, services, and the overall network created by those entities.

Documentation for the City of Helsinki Service Map API is available in Finnish and English.

DeveoDeveo API: Deveo is an enterprise-class, cloud-based software collaboration platform built around version control. Deveo allows users to manage their Git, Subversion, and Mercurial repositories and their access control. Deveo was built from the ground up as an extensible program. Deveo’s REST API provides users with developer access to all of their Deveo data objects.

EligiusEligius API: Eligius is a Bitcoin mining operation named for Saint Eligius, the patron saint of goldsmiths, metalworkers, and coin collectors. The Eligius mining pool has no fees, and no registration is required. The operation exposes information about its pool and miners through its stats page and its API.

The Eligius API allows users to retrieve data on pool miners' earnings and balances, the amount of shares available, payouts, and user output via REST calls.

KODAK Network ServicesKODAK Network Services API: KODAK network service APIs enable your mobile app/desktop/web users to print photos and other exciting products through our unique global infrastructure and the largest fleet of quality output devices near your users - in the Western world.

Join our Beta program to get early access to the KODAK network services APIs and have your applications ready for prime time, i.e. the upcoming holiday season.

KODAK takes the complexity out of global retail photographic product fulfillment, extending your reach and increasing your return of investment.

We are now accepting your applications for being among the first to benefit from this exciting opportunity. We’ll shortly announce our first major retail partner who has a huge footprint in North America – and are actively working on enabling many more around the globe, dynamically extending your reach and profitability via the exact same APIs.

Highlights include

• Two interesting business models perfectly matching your application

• No need for online payment - your user can pay at retail

• Think beyond just prints! Kodak equipment at your nearby retail store can produce, cards, calendars, books, posters and more. Typically same day, often within the hour.

Did you ever think of providing Kodak quality greeting card printing from within your collage app? Convert the content of your social app into a tangible photobook? Get poster size canvas output from your painting app?

Well, just go to the portal and see what's possible when we open our infrastructure for your great apps.

NameActionNameAction API: NameAction is a Chilean domain name services company specializing in South and Central America and the Caribbean. NameAction has implemented Extensible Provisioning Protocol.

The NameAction API provides developer access to all aspects of domain management including registration and renewal, transfers, availability and status queries, and credit consultations. The API accepts calls over HTTPS and returns XML formatted reponses.

National Cancer Institute SEERNational Cancer Institute SEER API: The Surveillance, Epidemiology and End Results (SEER) Program, a service of the National Cancer Institute, is a cancer statistics Resource. Collected data includes information on the incidence, prevalence and survival from specific geographic areas within the U.S., as well as cancer mortality for the entire country.

The SEER API is a RESTful service supporting various program datasets and algorithms, and is available to developers who wish to incorporate SEER resources into their own systems. Exposed resources include Collaborative Staging, the Hematopoietic and Lymphoid Neoplasm Database, NAACCR documentation, the Antineoplastic Drugs Database, and incidence site recode variables. The API returns JSON formatted responses, communicates over HTTPS, and requires a free account and API Key.

XegesisXegesis API: Xegesis is a sports content generation system built to allow the expansion of a set of data into a narrative. Xegesis currently focuses on soccer, but intends to create the needed text analysis to support multiple sports in multiple languages.

The Xegesis API provides a RESTful interface for automating access and publishing of Xegesis generated content. Responses may be JSON or XML formatted.