Today in APIs: Apigee Buys InsightsOne API Analytics Company, and 8 New APIs

Apigee acquires InsightsOne for deeper analytics. Cloud elements connects documents via one API. Plus: Genuitec customizes APIs for apps across web, mobile, cloud and desktop, PubNub and Ford's vehicle dispatch app, and 8 new APIs.

Apigee Ups Its API Analytics Game by Acquiring InsightsOne

Apigee, the API Platform management company, has acquired InsightsOne, a specialist in API analytics. InsightsOne focuses on health care analytics, consumer companies, and many other types. Terms of the deal were not disclosed, but it has an interesting wrinkle. Three-year-old InsightsOne received $4.3 million from NorWest Venture Partners—the very same company that has backed the buyer, Apigee. (See our interview, "Interview with Promod Haque, Norwest Venture Partners: Apigee, the API Economy, and “Sticky Infrastructure” concerning NorWest's participation in Apigee's $35 million funding round in the summer of 2013.) Whatever the deal's terms, something tells me that NorWest was smart enough to recoup their investment in InsightsOne. As Alex Williams writes in Techcrunch, the acquisition wasn't sparked because Apigee, one of the oldest API companies, is new to analytics. Far from it; they know their stuff. But the field is changing:

"As sensors become more widely used in wearables such as Google Glass, the demand for graph databases will increase. It will be important to correlate the data from the any number of sensors that might be in a house, a car or city street. There will also be the need to analyze increasing amounts of text from medical records, contracts, etc. It’s the intersection with APIs and the patterns that come from graph databases and text search capabilities that Apigee sees as a long-term opportunity with InsightsOne."

The competitive landscape is changing fast, he notes further. With Mashery and Layer 7 now acquired, Apigee is the largest independent company in its field left standing. Watch this space.

Cloud Elements: Many Document Services Connected Through One API

The cloud is a revolution, with mushrooming document services available for free. But is this the beginning of Babylon, where even if we can talk to each other, or rather to each others documents, we may not be able to do it fluently? Freedom creates diversity; it can also create barriers, often inadvertently. The Cloud Elements press release points to that vexing problem with an API as the solution:

"Cloud Elements' mission is to make it easier for developers to integrate, monitor and maintain the cloud services their applications depend on," said Mark Geene, CEO, Cloud Elements. "By partnering with Cloud Elements, for the first time developers don't have to choose which service to integrate, but instead they can have all of the leading services integrated into their app for less time than it takes to integrate just one service. Get Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Sky Drive, Microsoft SharePoint and more for a fraction of the time and a fraction of the code."

One client of Cloud Elements puts the matter far more pointedly than an issue of overcoming Babylon. It's about reducing pain, says Slidefish CEO Neil Smith. The pain of having to manage changes from each of the cloud services APIs. Avoiding that is what the Cloud Element API means.

API News You Shouldn’t Miss

8 New APIs

Today we had 8 new APIs added to our API directory including a business invoice service, a music lyric database, a searchable movie database, a civic engagement application service and a web browser incorporation service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs. Today in APIs: Teamleader Pulls API Together, and 7 New APIs iCountiCount API: iCount is a business invoicing service that helps users and businesses manage billing and invoicing. The iCount API is a REST based API that uses SSL as Authentication, and facilitates the Integration of third-party applications and sites with the iCount platform. An account is required with service. The site is in hebrew. MetroLyricsMetroLyrics API: MetroLyrics is a music lyrics website. In addition a database of more than 1 million licensed song lyrics, MetroLyrics offers value added services such as lyric videos, artist profiles, and more. The MetroLyrics API provides developer access to the lyric database. The API supports a diverse set of GET/POST calls. Example uses include retrieving a given song’s lyrics or the metadata attached to that song, posting lyrics to a Facebook or Twitter account, accessing historical top 100 charts for a given country, or retrieving music industry news stories. My API FilmsMy API Films API: My API Films is an API the provides unofficial access to the IMDB site through a REST search Function. The API returns XML or JSON, and can be used to query most fields in the IMDB site. The site restricts usage to 2000 calls per day, and users are not required to get an account or use any sort of request authentication. PublicStuffPublicStuff API: PublicStuff is an application that allows neighborhoods, residents, and government officials connect. PublicStuff offers features and data for various civic applications. The PublicStuff API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality and data of PublicStuff with other applications and to create new applications. Some example API methods include managing user accounts, retrieving lists, and managing comments. QMachineQMachine API: QMachine is a Web Service that can incorporate ordinary web browsers into a World Wide Computer. It does this by providing a JSON-based API for message-passing, which allows it to be used by virtually any computing language or platform, and because it supports Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS), it can be used by web browsers from any domain with any permanent installation. TeamLeaderTeamLeader API: The TeamLeader API allows users to interact with the different aspects of the TeamLeader system including: the CRM, opportunities, invoices, subscriptions, products, tickets, time tracking & tasks, projects, and notes. An account and an API Key are required with service. Users are restricted to 25 calls per 5 seconds. API: is a URL shortening service that allows you to share links on the internet and get paid for each visitor that accesses your URL. Use the service to earn money from web traffic, or simply use it to compress your large links into something smaller. The API enables developers to integrate services. API methods include Shrink, used in order to create short links, and Links, used to grab previously shrunk links. The API is RESTful and supports XML, JSON, Serialized- PHP, and CSV data formats. TwoDNSTwoDNS API: TwoDNS provides Domain Name System services. TwoDNS offers customers 5 free hosts, the ability to connect hosts to a mailserver, and an unlimited number of subdomains for a given host. The TwoDNS API provides developer access to the service’s functionality, allowing customer applications and websites to manage user accounts, domains, and hosts.

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