Today in APIs: Apigee Lays SOAP to REST, Walgreens Photo API, and 10 New APIs

Apigee wizard converts SOAP to REST. Walgreens has a new photo API. Plus: Startup Human API's quantified self data,'s Code Deployment Automation Platform, and 10 new APIs

Apigee's New Wizard Transforms SOAP APIs into REST in Minutes

All SOAPed up and nowhere to go? Apigee has created a wizard to transform your legacy investment in SOAP APIs by converting them to REST. The idea is to give developers a tool to make older APIs work with modern web and mobile apps.

According to the press release, making the transition is critical:

"In order to compete effectively in today's app economy, businesses must be able to expose Web services and data through modern REST APIs. However, many companies either aren't ready to abandon the investment they have already made in SOAP or need to maintain some of their backend SOAP services for legacy systems and partners," said Brian Pagano, chief architect at Apigee. "The Apigee SOAP-to-REST Wizard takes a previously complex, costly and time-consuming process and simplifies it down to a few points and clicks. It can really benefit businesses that need to quickly expose services and engage with customers and partners through flexible, modern apps."

The problem is that the conversion is a tough nut to crack. The Apigee Wizard has four steps: First it creates a REST API based on Web Services Definition Language ( WSDL). Step two is a protocol conversion and then message transformation. Step four SOAP API modeling is done. Finally, an intelligent algorithm is used for basic and advanced policy enforcement.

The Apigee Wizard works by generating a REST API based on Web Services Definition Language (WSDL) and then performs protocol conversion, message transformation, SOAP API modeling, and both basic and advanced policy enforcement using an intelligent algorithm. To actually watch a demonstration of the Wizard, Apigee has made a video, along with more discussion of it and a page to sign up.

Walgreen's Photo API Snaps Wide Range of Products into Your App, Announces Contest

Walgreens Pharmacy Prescription Refill
Are you a developer whose app(s) involve your users' photos? What if you could give them the ability to print them into a variety of products and.. go around the corner and pick them up? Walgreens has just announced its Quick Print API that provides access to five different photo products. There's various sizes of square prints, of course. But you can also print canvas or poster pics, collage layout (multiple photos on one sheet), books and calendars, and photocards.

But wait, there's more. As the press release announced, Walgreens has started a contest. There are three top prizes of $2,000 each for best Integration of books, folded cards and wall calendars. Submissions are open to September 30. Documentation on the Quickprints API is also available.

API News You Shouldn't Miss

10 New APIs

Today we had 10 new APIs added to our API directory including a data visualization and analysis platform, an nhs patient-controlled health record, an obituary data archive, a 2d/3d bin packing algorithm, a Polish vacation package search engine and a multilingual Artificial Intelligence chat program. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

DataseedDataseed API: Dataseed is an interactive data visualization and analysis platform. In short, Dataseed allows users to import, link, visualize, analyze, and export data. The Dataseed API provides a developer interface for importing and managing datasets. Some aspects of the API are designed to REST standards, while some are not strictly RESTful, in order to minimize the amount of transferred data. Responses are JSON formatted, the API supports HTTP Basic Authentication, and communicates over HTTPS.

How are youHow are you API: How are you? is a free service for NHS patients and healthcare professionals that provides a convenient way to host patient health records online. Patients can control the contents of these records as well as how much of that content is shared and with whom. How are you? also provides users with information about medical conditions in plain English with direct links to external reference sources.

The How are you? API uses REST calls to enable users to retrieve, edit, and delete information on the medical conditions, medications, and allergies in a patient's record. The API also lets users add and retrieve measurements taken over time such as blood pressure, blood glucose level, caloric intake, height, weight, and physical exercise. API: is a complete and current digitized archive of obituary data. Data sources include online newspapers, funeral homes, and direct submissions. is also a licensed subscriber to the Social Security Death Index and has archived its entire database.
The API provides developer access to the obituary database. Exposed data fields include first and last name, city and state, date, and keywords. Responses are XML formatted.

packit4mepackit4me API: packit4me is a simple service for solving 2D and 3D packing problems. It can be used to plan the packing of physical boxes for shipping departments or to allocate conceptual space, such as in print layouts. packit4me provides its algorithm as a service so that users don't have to compile it or figure out an integration method. To access the packit4me algorithm, users can simply issue a JSON-formatted REST call to the packit4me server.

Qtravel Qtravel API: is a full-text search engine of vacation packages provided by Polish tour operators. The Qtravel API provides developer access to the site’s search tools and booking functionality. API features include the ability to filter and sort offers by various attributes, and full-text search of offer descriptions. The API supports HTTP GET calls and returns XML formatted responses.

SimSimi ConversationSimSimi Conversation API: SimSimi database consists of simple "Request - Response" set. When you request "Hi", SimSimi API send "response" by similarity with request sentence. Conversation API enables you to get SimSimi's 20million response data. Use the Conversation REST API

What is SimSimi?

SimSimi is a super advanced chatting robot that makes amusing conversation to engage with users. SimSimi has over 30M download via Appstore and Google play store. 9Billion conversation has been made via SimSimi and user.

SimSimi app is best reference for SimSimi conversation API.

Check out the links for SimSimi experience.



Android :

SmartwaiverSmartwaiver API: Smartwaiver offers custom digital waiver solutions with an array of features including photo capture, secure storage, on-screen signatures, linked safety videos, and more. The Smartwaiver API provides a RESTful interface for querying raw participant data. Exposed resources include participant names, birth dates, waiver creation and acceptance times, participant user agents, marketing opt-ins, and custom fields. The API communicates over HTTPS, requires an API Key, and returns XML formatted responses.

USDA Economic Research ServiceUSDA Economic Research Service API: The Economic Research Service (ERS) is a Branch of the USDA dedicated to informing and enhancing decision making on economic and policy issues related to agriculture, food, the environment, and rural development.

The USDA Economic Research Service API provides developer access to the primary content of the ERS website, including topical information, digital publications, and the ERS’ online magazine Amber Waves. The RESTful API returns JSON or XML formatted responses.

White House Policy SnapshotsWhite House Policy Snapshots API: Policy Snapshots is a feature spotlighting President Obama’s policies. Each spotlight focuses on a particular subject and is composed of two sections: Progress, which gives a quick overview of the work done thus far by the administration, and What’s Next, which illuminates the President’s plans for continuing progress.

The Policy Snapshots API provides a customizable JSON Feed supplying content from the Policy Snapshots. Content can be accessed by specified section or category tags. Access requires no account or authentication.

ZOWiZOWi API: ZOWi is a learning platform and App that enables users to engage in oral question and answer modules. ZOWi interacts completely by voice: it asks you a question and listens to your spoken answer. ZOWi includes thousands of ready to use modules.

The ZOWi API provides developer access to the entire ZOWi content collection in realtime. The content is speech recognition and text-to-speech friendly. The API is able to retrieve lists of units, modules, and specific questions, as well as enabling the user to evaluate whether the answer to a given question is correct. The API also supports the creation of interactive question and answer conversations. This RESTful API returns JSON formatted responses.