Today in APIs: Apigee Partners with IQT, Global Messaging Apps & Nexmo, and 17 New APIs

Apigee partners with IQT to deliver security. Global messaging apps choose Nexmo for user Authentication. Plus: 3scale bags $4.2 million, Edamam's Nutrition API, and 17 new APIs.

Apigee Partners with IQT for Enhanced API Security

Apigee has entered into a partnership with In-Q-Tel (IQT), a nonprofit that, according to its website,  "identifies, adapts and delivers innovative technology solutions to support the missions of the CIA and broader US intelligence community." The press release spells out where Apigee comes in:

"The Apigee Platform can support organizations at varying stages of their API initiatives, from building effective APIs to creating meaningful business intelligence from their app ecosystems," said Robert Ames, Senior Vice President in charge of IQT's Information and Communication Technologies Practice. "We believe that our government customers will be able to benefit from this comprehensive set of capabilities."

It's easy to see how both companies are needed. On the one hand there is the power of Apigee's API technology: the intelligence community needs it to fully access the power of APIs. On the other, using that power securely in an intelligence context is of vital importance, otherwise a constructive force could become a tool of destruction. Making certain that the technology is secure is where IQT comes in.

Nexmo SMS API Provider Selected by Line Corporation for Global Messaging

Nexmo Wholesale SMSNexmo has become an SMS API provider for Line Corporation. What Nexmo brings to the table for Line Corporation and other OTT apps is clear: an unparalleled direct too carrier network; improved phone verification ratios; simplicity of use bundled with APIs to handle millions of messages daily; and an unrivaled support team for developers. The essence of what Nexmo delivers is a shift in focus from messaging by person-to-person to application-to-person messaging.

API News You Shouldn't Miss

17 New APIs

Today we had 17 new APIs added to our API directory including a croatian travel service, a german visitor counter and locator, a semantic intelligence service, an it solutions service, payroll service, a managed hosting solutions, a travel information and accommodation-booking service and a travel booking service. Below is more details on each of these new APIs. AdriagateAdriagate API: Adriagate is a travel service specializing in holiday accommodations for Croatia. Their online offerings represent a large proportion of the tourism opportunities available in Croatia. These include private accommodations, hotels, Adriatic cruises, and authentic Croatian accommodations, such as stone houses and remote Robinson cottages on the islands. Additionally, Adriagate offers transportation services that include ferry tickets, transfers, and rent-a-car services. The Adriagate API allows users to retrieve accommodation details, descriptions, and images via SOAP calls. BesucherzaehlerBesucherzaehler API: Besucherzaehler (trans. Visitor Counter) is a German website visitor counter that also collects information about the most recent site visitors, such as referring website, country, and city. The counter shows the flag of the country and the name of the city from which each recent visitor accessed the site. The Visitor Counter can be added to a website by copying and pasting a bit of JavaScript code onto the target site. Cogito IntelligenceCogito Intelligence API: Expert System is a leading semantic technology company and developer of Cogito semantic technology. The Cogito Intelligence API can process and analyze data sets and real-time information including documents, web pages and social media data. From this data, meaning and context can be deciphered and evaluated as relevant in terms of intelligence and security. ConnectWise SuiteConnectWise Suite API: ConnectWise provides IT services and management services to small and mid-sized companies including IT Services, Application Development and Consulting, as well as Managed Services for companies that want to outsource their IT Function. The ConnectWise Suite of APIs consists of 19 APIs which are available through the ConnectWise developer network for integrated. The following categories of API are available: Accounting, MSP, Activity, Opportunity, Company, Product, Contact, Project, Generic Billing, Purchasing, Invoice, Reporting, Marketing, Service Tickets, marketing, system, managed device, time, and member. For additional information, register with the developer network. Fierce PayrollFierce Payroll API: Fierce Payroll is a web-based payroll service for small to mid-sized businesses that helps employers meet compliance and infrastructure needs. The Fierce Payroll API enables users to import data directly into the Fierce Payroll system for processing. API functions include: Accessing account balance, submitting new deposit notifications, deposit searches, deposit statuses, submitting payment requests, accessing date range of payments, and payment searches. An account and API Key are required with service. FireHostFireHost API: FireHost provides managed hosting solutions, including secure cloud hosting. The FireHost API provides customers with developer access to all of the features and controls available in the cloud server customer Portal. The RESTful API returns JSON formatted responses. JasonsJasons API: Jasons Travel Media is a major distributor of travel information for New Zealand, Australia, and the South Pacific. Site visitors can explore activities and book accommodation as well as read travel articles, check out destination guides, and share experiences through reviews. Jasons has a Map Helper API that provides developers with programmatic access to information such as the towns in a given area, nearby attractions, and local accommodations. Majestic International GroupMajestic International Group API: The Majestic International Group bills itself as a wholesale tour operator for the U.S., Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Europe, and Asia. The company specializes in trips to Disney destinations, Sea World parks, and Universal Orlando. It provides information and online booking services for hotels, tours, car rentals, etc. The Majestic International Group API enables users to book hotels as well as search for and retrieve information from the website. This is accomplished via SOAP calls issued in XML format. Names & Numbers EnterpriseNames & Numbers Enterprise API: NN Market Data is a company that collects, processes, and dispenses up-to-date information on Danish companies and individuals. One service they provide is Navne & Numre Erhverv (trans. Names & Numbers Enterprise), which enables users to access and update information on their existing and potential customers at any time. Names & Numbers Enterprise is designed as a multi-user system with multiple levels of user access. Information stored in Names & Numbers Enterprise is accessible directly online or programmatically via SOAP calls. Open New York Child Care Regulated ProgramsOpen New York Child Care Regulated Programs API: Open New York collects and exposes local, state, and federal data. The site hosts a catalogue of datasets organized by location or subject area. The Open New York Child Care Regulated Programs API exposes data elements about registered and licensed child care programs in New York State. The intended primary uses of the API are families choosing child care and to assist in research. The API is accessed through HTTPS. Responses may be JSON, XML, or CSV formatted. Open New York Farmers Markets in New York StateOpen New York Farmers Markets in New York State API: Open New York collects and exposes local, state, and federal data. The site hosts a catalogue of datasets organized by location or subject area. The Open New York Farmers Markets in New York State API exposes information on community farmers markets. Data types include time, location, and market manager name and phone number. The API is accessed through HTTPS. Responses may be JSON, XML, or CSV formatted. Open New York Recommended Fishing Rivers and StreamsOpen New York Recommended Fishing Rivers and Streams API: Open New York collects and exposes local, state, and federal data. The site hosts a catalogue of datasets organized by location or subject area. The Open New York Recommended Fishing Rivers and Streams API displays access locations of rivers and streams suitable for fishing. Suitability is determined by fisheries biologists from the New York state Department of Environmental Conservation. The API is accessed through HTTPS. Responses may be JSON, XML, or CSV formatted. Rio Branco Real EstateRio Branco Real Estate API: Rio Branco Imobiliaria (trans. Rio Branco Real Estate) is a Brazilian Real Estate company. Its API allows users to search the site for available properties. Users can search by country, state, city, neighborhood, price range, and transaction type (sale or rent). The Rio Branco website is provided only in Portuguese. ShoeBooksShoeBooks API: Shoebooks is a fully featured online accounting and payroll solution that is based in Australia. The Shoebooks SOAP interface ensures that all business rules and data structure complies with the Shoebooks accounting and payroll system. The Shoebooks API allows users to create/edit customers, supplier or employee records, Create new invoices or bills, apply receipts to invoices and payments to bills, as well as create and lookup banking transactions. SkillSenseSkillSense API: SkillSense is a workforce management service that provides software solutions to help businesses track job performance, project costs, employee utilization and a variety of other business needs. The SkillSense API allows users to use third party user interfaces with SkillSense data, embed workforce content in existing frameworks, and helps users avoid writing business logic superfluously. The API uses REST calls, and returns XML. An account is required with service. SMS CreatorSMS Creator API: SMS Creator is a German SMS service that is designed to help companies promote themselves and their products via SMS. These services are made available directly through a web portal or programmatically via API. The SMS Creator API uses XML-formatted SOAP calls. The SMS Creator website is offered solely in German. StrathcomStrathcom API: Strathcom aims to help automotive dealers get their inventory online to share their products across consumer search services. The Strathcom API allows users to directly access vehicle data stored on the site, and empower in-house web presentation and data Integration. Specific functions facilitate data queries for inventory data, allow users to retrieve new vehicle features and options data, leverage Strathcom's build and price engine, and sync leads with CRM services. The API uses REST calls, returns JSON, and requires an API Key for use.

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