Today in APIs: Aplos's API for Nonprofits, and 6 New APIs

Aplos releases an API for nonprofit management and raises $2 million. Right Brain Media's ReadyCast APIs and app uses iPhone, iPod and iPad cameras to live stream events. Plus: the implications of Google Adword changes, securing digital channels and mobile apps against hacks, and 6 new APIs.

Aplos Software Releases API, Raises $2M

Alpos Software creates offers SaaS for nonprofits. Now it's launching an API with the help of $2 million in funding just raised.

As the company commented,

The new financing from private investors brings the company’s total funding to $3.4 million. Aplos Software plans to use the new financing to accelerate the development schedule for new features in its existing nonprofit accounting and donor management software. This includes the release of an API to integrate with other popular web-based software used by churches and nonprofits. Since the release of its web-based software in 2011, Aplos Software has served over 10,000 organizations with its nonprofit software suite.

The idea of creating an integrated software solution targeted at nonprofits isn't unique to Aplos. But most packages are targeted at large nonprofits. As the company notes, most nonprofits have expenses under $500,000, suggesting that the SaaS can be scaled appropriately for the large number of smaller organizations.

ReadyCast Uses APIs to Streamline Streaming from iPhones, iPads, iPods

The age of mobile broadcasting has arrived. Right Brain Media's ReadyCast App makes it possible to live stream from any iOS device. Available as an App from the iTunes store, it's ideal for streaming from business seminars, trade shows, sporting events, church services, and so on.

As the company comments, ReadyCast works  so that the incoming stream is correctly formatted for an iOS, desktop or Android device:

"ReadyCast makes mobile broadcasting easy," said Deke Hooper, CIO at Right Brain Media. "It makes streaming really convenient – for anyone – because of the automated provisioning that our system offers. All of the API calls that are available help to streamline the process for users."
The available API calls make it quick and easy for the average user to log in to ReadyCast on their mobile device and begin live streaming in minutes.

Use of the app requires an approved ReadyCast provider, available by emailing

API News You Shouldn’t Miss

6 New APIs

Today we had 6 new APIs added to our API directory including an application data request tool, a user application access management tool, an Authentication and user detail management service and a search optimization service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

Apperian Applications API: Apperian is a mobile app management Platform with a set of open APIs that handle the key elements to extend, integrate, and create additional functionality and value.

The Applications API enables the request of statistical data and metadata for the Android, Blackberry, and native OS applications that are stored in the EASE database. Data can be requested for all native applications in your organization and those available to a specific user. Data can also be requested for a specific application and for all the app catalogs in your organization.

Apperian GroupsApperian Groups API: Apperian is a mobile app management platform with a set of open APIs that handle the key elements to extend, integrate, and create additional functionality and value.

The Groups API is used to add, edit, list, and delete groups in EASE. Users must be a member of the group to which an application belongs in order to view and run the application. This API enables the ability to control and organize application access through group creation.

Apperian UsersApperian Users API: Apperian is a mobile app management platform with a set of open APIs that handle the key elements to extend, integrate, and create additional functionality and value.

The Users API is used to authenticate with the EASE server. It provides the unique token that is needed in the HTTPS requests sent to EASE web services. The API is also used to add users, list user details, update user attributes, and delete users.

GreenButton IncusGreenButton Incus API: GreenButton is a New Zealand based company that helps software vendors transition applications to the cloud. With their platform, developers can scale our their compute-intensive applications to the cloud.

The InCus Search API is a new search optimization solution, providing a way for customers to access the media indexing service. It enables optimized searching of content from a variety of sources - meeting content, conference calls, presentations, online lectures, voice mails, internet videos. For example, users can index audio from digitized content archives, creating optimized search and discovery.

TelecashTelecash API: TeleCash is a mobile money service from Telecel. Subscribers can conduct money transactions with their mobile phone.

The TeleCash API enables the validation of credit cards, the storing of credit card data in the TeleCash DataStorage, and the creation of credit card payments.

Triptelligent Shore ExcursionsTriptelligent Shore Excursions API: Triptelligent is a shore excursion marketplace for travelers on cruise ships. Cruise guests are connected with tour operators, local guides, and personalized services.

The Shore Excursions API enables integrating shore excursion content on partner websites. Content can include full descriptions, pictures, and client reviews. The API provides a full booking engine that has integrated handling of credit cards.