Today in APIs: App Annie Mobile Solution for Game Analytics, Xsuite Enhanced Security Controls for AWS Cloud Management and 4 New APIs

App Annie's mobile app lets developers measure app analytics on the go. Xsuite fortified to handle security for AWS APIs. Plus: Rackspace's Scobie responds to Cloudscaling CTO over Amazon APIs, expands support for app developers, and 4 new APIs.

App Annie Releases Solution to Help Studios Climb the App Store Rankings

If you are an app developer, who is your target audience and how can do you market research before, during and after development? App Annie, a company that uses analytics to help answer those questions, has just released a new API and mobile app to help you view your stats.

As Mike Rose explained in Gamasutra, the app provides revenues, download statistics and more:

"The mobile app, which launched today for free, allows your company to track iOS and Android app data directly from your mobile device (note that the Android version of the app is due to launch later this year)."

Especially aimed at mobile game developers, the analytics can track reviews, feature tracking and more. Using App Annie, developers and publishers can get things like hourly rankings of iOS apps, and most importantly, the APIs can be used to customize your data. The mobile app is free to developers with an App Annie account.

Xceedium Enhances Xsuite Security to Include AWS

Xceedium, the company specializing in privileged identity management fort he hybrid cloud has enhanced its Xsuite to include APIs used in Amazon Web Services. This is done with a privileged API proxy–enabling access control, monitoring, and auditing for scripts and tools accessing AWS management APIs.

What's driving this are a number of aspects of security, from the basic need for control to the importance of meeting audit requirements. According to the press release, one of its most important functions is to allow administrators to impose a single point of access control:

"Xsuite’s new API Proxy extends the security and auditing capability Xsuite already provides for instances running on AWS and the AWS Management Console. With the advent of software defined infrastructure, many advanced organizations are bypassing the web-based AWS management console and automating operational tasks–utilizing AWS SDKs for Python, PHP, and others, and DevOps tools (e.g., Chef or Puppet) that call AWS’ REST-based management APIs. Xsuite now provides an extra layer of protection so AWS customers can control access, monitor, and audit exactly what scripts are doing."

In addition, the enhancement allows developers to track a full bi-directional audit trail of all API calls and responses, connect AWS API activity to a specific user, use alternative credentials valid only with Xsuite, and manage credentials without sharing important API keys. The AWS API Proxy is licensed through the Xsuite policy management engine.

API News You Shouldn't Miss

4 New APIs

Today we had 4 new APIs added to our API directory including an event marketing service , a client relationship and contact management system and a project management and impact reporting service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

evvntevvnt API: evvnt is an online event marketing service that broadcasts and publishes events to multiple event listing sites including Facebook, TimeOut, and Eventbrite. evvnt allows you to save time and reach thousands of unique event consumers locally, regionally and nationally.

evvnt offers 2 RESTful APIs. The read API allows you to pull events from evvnt for publication on your own site. The write API can be used in conjunction with the read API to submit events to evvnt. Both use JSON over HTTPS and require an API Key.

karmaCRMkarmaCRM API: karmaCRM is a sales and contact database. karmaCRM helps salespeople keep track of their client relationships, sales leads, and other contact information within the client relationship management system (CRM).

The karmaCRM API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality and data of karmaCRM with other applications. Some example API methods include managing contact information, retrieving contact information, and managing and retrieving custom field information.

Substance ViewsSubstance Views API: Views is an online project management and impact reporting tool developed by Substance, a social research co-operative working in the youth, sport and social development sectors. The Views tool is intended to assist both statutory and voluntary organizations that are delivering personal and social development services improve their impact and demonstrate their value.

Views makes their services available via a RESTful API. The API includes services for contacts, evidence, work, and admin. The services are available in both XML and JSON formats.

TheySay AffectR TheySay AffectR API: TheySay is an automated sentiment analysis tool based on advanced computational linguistics. TheySay identifies sentiment, intent, and other subjective dimensions across multiple levels including documents, sentences, entities, topics, and relations. Analysis can be used to rank, filter, categorize, and enrich raw text data.

The TheySay AffectR API allows for the Integration of sentiment analysis, speculation detection, part-of-speech tagging, dependency parsing, and more into external applicatoins. The API follows REST principles and responses are formatted in JSON. An API key is required.